BRB Internacional: An international company with more than 30 years’ experience in the production, distribution and licensing of high quality television programmes. BRB’s animated series have been seen around the world, and characters such as David the Gnome, Dogtanian and Willy Fog are widely recognised as classics. Currently BRB is producing successful series using the latest techniques in design and technology - The Invisible Man - (recently premièred world-wide), Bernard (prize for best new TV licensing property at MIPCOM Jr 2004), Iron Kid (best children’s series at Animacor 2005), Khuda-Yana (best attended presentation at Cartoon Forum 2005), The Imp (Winner of Mipcom Jr. Licensing Challenge 2006). For more information:

BRB Internacional will show at the upcoming MIPTV the following products:

Production Partners: BRB, Screen 21, Designstorm, Daiwon, Manga,TVE
Created By: Screen 21, Designstorm
Package: 26 x 30’
Target audience: 8-12
Names of Major Toy Licensees: Famosa (distributor), New Boy (distributor)
Type/s of Animation: 3D
Synopsis: In a futuristic world, young Marty chances upon a bionic arm which endows him with superhuman powers. He suddenly becomes the Iron Kid, cyborg heir to the legendary Eon, original owner of the arm and heroic victor of the Robot Wars. An action adventure in spectacular 3D. Airing now.

BERNARD (second season)
Production Partners: BRB, Screen 21, RG, EBS, M6
Created By: RG, Screen 21
Package: 52 x 3’
Target audience: All family
Names of Major Toy Licensees:
Type/s of Animation: High Definition 3D
Synopsis: After the huge sales success of the first series, a second series of Bernard are going into production. Bernard fans will be able to continue enjoying the new adventures – or rather, misadventures – of this unusual and clumsy polar bear as he makes his anarchic journey around the world. In production.

Production Partners: Red Kite, Screen 21
Created By: Andy Fielding
Package: 65 x 90”
Target audience: 9-13 & Young Adults
Names of Major Toy Licensees:
Type/s of Animation:
Synopsis: Short, cute and impossibly evil. It’s a light hearted show. Okay, it’s a show with a megalomaniac bent on evil, The Imp and a long –suffering, house-proud sceptic, Bob. The Imp is constantly trying to unleash a terrifying evil upon the world. The only good news is, he hasn’t got a clue what’s he’s doing.

Production Partners: BRB, Screen 21, Tuba Entertainment
Created By: Screen 21, Tuba Entertainment
Package: 104 x 90”
Target audience: Family
Names of Major Toy Licensees: Famosa (distributor), New Boy (distributor)
Type/s of Animation: 3D
Synopsis: It started such a long time ago before the chicken or the egg, the half-full or half-empty glass…He is Angus –simple and direct-. She is Cheryl –Complex and devious-. Definitely, it’s not black vs white but blue vs pink. It’s all about girls vs boys. Non verbal slapstick comedy.

Javier Robles (CEO), Carlos Biern (Co-productions & New Technologies Director), Jesús Díaz (Licensing Director), Ray Hampson (Marketing & Sales), Begoña Esteban (Marketing & Sales), Marijo Arnáiz (Marketing & Sales) and Silvia Orellana (Marketing & Sales).
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