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Exclusive: Roi Fabito Details the Flavorful World of ‘The Guava Juice Show’

The Guava Juice Show

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Exclusive: Roi Fabito Details the Flavorful World of ‘The Guava Juice Show’

This summer just got a little sweeter with the news that YouTube Kids & Family toon The Guava Juice Show is set to blast off this Saturday. The trailer released today showcases the wild adventures of 14-year-old Roi (Roi Fabito) and his best friends — fierce teenager Jenny (Bethany Brown) and fretful, safety-first Guava (a walking, talking guava fruit voiced by Adrian Petriw) — as they travel through the multiverse in a magic bathtub.

The new animated comedy series comes from YouTube superstar and creator of the Guava Juice YouTube channel, Roi Fabito, who serves as one of the show’s executive producers as well as voicing the lead character. We caught up with the ebullient web star (who boasts more than 16.8 million subscribers and more than 8.8 billion views) to find out more about how the juice gets squeezed:

Animation Magazine: Can you tell us a little bit about how you decided to be involved in an animated project?
Roy Fabito: As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut, but that dream went out the door when I realized I had severe motion sickness. I always had this crazy idea to launch myself in a bathtub into outer space since I was five years old. YouTube came along and I filmed so many videos filling my bathtub with different things like Jell-O, nacho cheese and slime. I felt unfulfilled knowing that launching a bathtub into space would still be impossible. I realized that the only way I can do that is through a cartoon where possibilities are endless.

Roi Fabito

Roi Fabito (Guava Jucie – Fluffy Slime Challenge)

When did you actually start thinking about the idea for the show? How long did it take to produce it?
It was after my Nutella bath video that I wanted to take the bathtub series on the Guava Juice YouTube channel towards another level. I realized that I was limited on what I could do with my bathtub. It took two years to produce.

What do you love about this show? What makes it stand out?
The main trio of the show, Roi, Guava and Jenny, is the heartbeat of the show. Their personalities and dynamic with each other really make you fall in love with them. They’re the kind of best friends you remember your whole life from being a kid because you can share anything and always have each other’s back. The show stands out for that, and because each episode is filled with chaotic fun. With the multiverse, every adventure has endless possibilities.

Also, did I mention that there’s a cool bathtub?

Who is the target audience?
The show is great for six- to 11-year olds, but we think it also has a lot to offer older kids and families. The dialog and comedy is kind of ageless because it’s organic to characters who feel specific and real. Like, everyone can watch Friends or The Office. Which is good because my channel has been going for a long time now so I wanted a show that could work for even the older range.

Which animation tools are used to create it? Where is the animation produced?
Mainframe Studios and Studio71 developed the show and it’s produced by Mainframe in Vancouver. The show is produced in Harmony, but there is also a lot of hand-drawing that goes into the character performance and expressions.

What are the visual inspirations for the show?
A guava fruit and a claw foot bathtub!

What is the toughest part of producing the show?
At the risk of jinxing it, we’ve all said that this is the most fun we’ve ever had producing a show. Maybe that’s because we all share the same creative vision for it, so everyone has a chance to contribute and make it great at every stage.

What do you hope audiences will get out of the series?
We want them to escape for 11 minutes to join the adventures that Roi, Guava and Jenny go through, hoping they leave in a better mood than before they started watching the episode.

Have you had any audience feedback? Any memorable reactions?
They absolutely love it. When I meet fans in real life, they always ask when more Guava Juice Show episodes are coming out. When you type in “The Guava Juice Show” on YouTube’s search bar, the first thing that autofills to is “The Guava Juice Show Episode 2.” People want more!

What are your favorite animated movies and shows?
My favorite movie of all time is Tarzan. That was the only VHS tape my parents had at the house so I would watch that every time I got the chance to. When I finally got cable, I watched a lot of Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned from the Guava Juice animation experience?
I’ve learned that there exists a team in this universe who are absolutely amazing in creating, producing and executing this show to its fullest potential. Teamwork really does make the dream work of launching a bathtub even dimensional light years through space! Without the brilliant minds of everyone who has worked on this project, none of this would have existed in any multiverse!

The Guava Juice Show

The Guava Juice Show follows the extraordinary adventures of Roi, Jenny and Guava as they work at a mysterious boardwalk curio shop and jet through the multiverse in a dimension-hopping bathtub. Additional cast includes Cherilynn Fulbrightas the cynical teen Nancy; Brian Drummondas Uncle Hampersand, the owner of the curio shop; Beth Trisko as Roi’s Lola; and Ian Hanlin as the villainous multiversian cheerleader Hart Spirit.

In the series premiere, “Gummy Phone Home,” a lost gummy bear from the multiverse accidentally ends up back in the curio shop and an unwitting and nervous Guava is forced to take on the role of protector. Roi and Jenny help Guava face his fears in an escalating series of outlandishly dangerous situations so they can get gummy bear back home safely.

Produced by Studio71 and Mainframe Studios, The Guava Juice Show was created by John Hazlett, Lienne Sawatsky and Dan Williams. Roi Fabito, Gregory R. Little and Michael Schreiber executive produce along with Michael Hefferon and Adam Boorstin. Nadine Zylstra is Global Head of YouTube Originals. Craig Hunter serves as Global Head of Kids & Family Originals for YouTube. Daniel Haack is the creative lead on The Guava Juice Show for YouTube Originals.

The Guava Juice Show premieres on the Guava Juice YouTube channel and the YouTube Kids app on Saturdady, June 4 at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET. 


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