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Aeroplane Productions
Address: 20/5 Marksistskaya Ulitsa, Moscow, Russia 109147
Tel: +7 (495) 784 7787

Contact at MIPTV:
Michael Mennies: Director of International Productions
Mobile in Cannes: +33 (0) 610846148

Profile: Aeroplane Productions, with headquarters in Moscow, Russia, specializes in the production of cultural and commercial projects featuring high quality animation. Current productions include: the award winning Gem Mountain, a 40 x 13’ collection of animated folk tales drawn from and celebrating the diverse nationalities and cultures of Northern Eurasia airing on Russia’s Channel 1 and on stations throughout Eastern Europe; Multi-Russia, a 104 x 1’ series of “animated postcards” highlighting various cities and regions throughout the country; and Boltoonz, an innovative mobile/Internet application in which users create original high quality cartoons they can send and share with their friends via the Internet and mobile phones. In 2006, Aeroplane started work on the THE FIXIES, a multi-platform brand for the international market that includes a feature film, a short-form series, gaming, Internet and mobile releases.

The Fixies – A Multi-Platform Animated Brand

The Fixies Feature
Format: 35mm
Style: CGI Animation
Genre: Family, Comedy, Action
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Producers: Georgy Vasilyev and Michael Mennies
Director: Steve Trenbirth
Original Creative Concept: Alexander Tatarski
Writers: John Loy and John Turman
Multi-Platform Development: Flint Dille
Animation Studios: Aeroplane Productions,
Mad Cow Pictures (Australia) (,
Legal Services: Fierst, Pucci & Kane LLP, Doyle & Miller LLP

Other platforms for The Fixies include a short form series with interactive web components, console and computer games, on-screen assistants for computers and mobile phones, an interactive science museum, and toys.

Feature Synopsis:
They’ve been keeping the world running for ages and now they’re running for their lives!
A light bulb goes off overhead and then out of the blue turns back on. A doorbell is pressed to no avail and then suddenly rings. A car engine refuses to turn over and then revs to life! What force is fixing our machines? Who are these secret helpers? People have long suspected that inside of machines are tiny repairmen, and after the hit paranormal TV show Baffling Enigmas offers a $100,000 prize for the capture of a “mythological Fixie”, people the world over start hunting for them furiously. Children are especially caught up in the frenzied pursuit, chasing Fixies with hammers, vacuum cleaners, and aerosol cans. Where can the Fixies run? How can they save themselves? A talented scientist from the Fixies’ Operations Center (The OpC) invents what she believes is the perfect solution - the Hat-O-Mat, a device that allows Fixies to slip away from people by traveling directly through electrical wires.

However, as is often the case, a new technology designed to solve one problem ends up only creating other unforeseen ones. When the Hat-O-Mat is stolen by Cathode, a Fixie who wants the hat to escape the Fixie life he despises, the situation becomes perilous, not only for the Fixies but for humans as well. And only Quip, Cathode’s younger brother, can stop him. Quip must face his fears and become a hero to save his brother, rescue his fellow Fixies, avert a technological catastrophe, and make sure that humans don’t uncover their secret world.

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