Animation Magazine's website compliments the long history and recognized success of the print version. It adds significant value to the magazine by establishing a community for the animation industry with the convenience and immediacy of the internet. As we continue to grow our website, we reaffirm Animation Magazine's position as "The Animation Authority."

The Internet already has a profound effect on the world. It is changing commerce, research entertainment and information gathering-influencing the way people go about their daily business.

To this end we will be adding our archives and our Animation industry Directory to the website in the next year. We will also be adding a career section to help facilitate both those looking for opportunities and companies offering opportunities via searchable database. Throughout the next year we will be adding additional pages to the site to accomodate all areas of animation including commercials, feature films, daytime television, primetime television, games and the Internet, just to name a few.

To accomplish these objectives, our website not only pulls elements form the print edition, but provides links and additional information beyond the scope of paper. Animated clips, contests, festivals, software and up-to-the-minuet news help to make www.animationmagazine.net.

"The Animation Authority on the Internet." There are ample opportunities for advertisers to extend their reach and combine the power of the monthly print version of Animation Magazine with the website to maximize the impact of their advertising message.

Call one of our integrated marketing consultants today to learn how Animation Magazine and www.animationmagazine.net can help you grow your business.

  1. Phenomenal Pass-Along Rate - Animation Magazine has one of the highest pass along rates of any entertainment magazine! 50% of the people working in animation work in "bull pens" in wide-open workspaces. When new copies of Animation Magazine come out, the magazine is passed religiously from booth to booth!
  2. Bonus Distribution - along with our targeted distribution to newsstands and our worldwide following of loyal subscribers, each issue of Animation Magazine receives bonus distributions to the world's foremost trade shows, conventions and film festivals.
  3. Testimonials - An ad in Animation Magazine works! Upon request we can send you phenomenal testimonial letters from advertisers who have received affective results from placing an ad in Animation Magazine!
  4. Newsstand Distribution - Animation Magazine is distributed to newsstands across the United States and around the world. The number has grown 35% in the past two years and continues to grow in Europe and Asia.
  5. Controlled Circulation - Animation Magazine has the entertainment industry's best controlled circulation. When you buy an ad in the Animation Magazine your ad will be seen by the most influential decision-makers in the world. We have developed the most accurately controlled lists possible.
  6. Targeted worldwide promotion - To guarantee the growth of Animation Magazine and to increase the exposure worldwide, the magazine is always aggressively promoted to anyone and everyone involved in the animation industry in the U.S., Canada and around the world.
  7. Subscriber Base - Animation Magazine is mailed to a loyal list of subscribes who have stood by Animation Magazine through all the changes during the past 15 years. This list of avid readers is growing dramatically on a weekly basis!
  8. Purchasing Power - Animation Magazine is sent to TV buyers, motion picture executives and animation executives worldwide. Animation Magazine has targeted the most influential decision makers in every country in the world. These powerful executives now receive Animation Magazine free of charge on a monthly basis.
  9. Global Distribution - Animation is a global art form. Animation Magazine is now being promoted regularly to everyone in the world who buys, produces, consumes and creates animation. Because of this aggressive distribution, Animation Magazine is the single most accessible animation periodical in the world.
  10. Endurance - An ad in any issue of Animation Magazine will be the most enduring advertising exposure you can receive. People do not throw away Animation Magazine; it is saved and referred to as a "reference source" for the animation industry. Placing an ad in Animation Magazine is like placing your ad in a time capsule that captures the history of animation and shares it with present and future generations of animation readers!
Animation Magazine recently became the only monthly animation industry trade magazine audited by BPA International. A copy of the BPA Audit report for the July/August issue is available upon request.
  Animation Magazine serves the fields of animation broadcasting, streaming, theatrical distribution, licensing, merchandising, animation production including television, visual effects, feature films, shorts, commercials, titles & Ids, presentation, forensic, medical, industrial, interactive, direct-to-video, games, anime, writing, audio, sound and music, animation technology, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, in-and-paint, software, hardware and tools, modeling, rendering, compositing, post-production, gaming tools, Internet animation, education, training, talent recruitment, artists, animators, voice talent, agencies, animation organizations and trade shows, legal and business affairs and animation restoration and collecting.
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OCTOBER 09/12/02 09/13/02 09/27/02 Int'l Fall TV Season, Selling Season Outlook, Pitching How-tos, MIPCOM Shopper, Digital Ink-and-Paint, Anatomy of Co-Production MIPCOM Jr., Cannes MIPCOM, Cannes Ottawa Festival, Ottawa
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DECEMBER 11/13/02 11/14/02 11/29/02 Anniversary Issue
Growth Areas and Opportunities for 2003
DV Expo, L.A. The Western Show, Anaheim, Calif.

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