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Issue # Month Editorial Due Date Ad Art Date Street Date Features Bonus Distribution
283 September
/ October
Aug. 8 Aug. 15 Aug. 24 The Making of Smallfoot, Captain Morten and North of Blue; VFX of Mission Impossible Fallout; The best of Ottawa Intl. Animation Festival and El Festival; MIP Junior Favorites; Cartoon Forum Spotlight; Copernicus Studios’ 15th Anniversary • Cartoon Forum, Toulouse, France 9/10-13
• Ottawa Intl. Animation Festival & TAC 9/26-30
• El Festival, Cuernavaca, Mexico 10/4-8
• MIP Junior, Cannes, France 10/ 13-14
284 November Sep. 3 Sep. 16 Sep. 28 Universal/Illumination’s The Grinch; Toon highlights of MIPCOM; New fall TV season; Digital Dynamos Hot List; Mowgli, Goosebumps 2 • Brand Licensing, London, U.K. 10/9-11
• MIPCOM, Cannes, France 10/15-18
• CTN, Burbank, CA 11/15-18
285 December Oct. 1 Oct. 7 Oct. 19 Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet; Animation Is Film preview; Ottawa Festival winner profile; Award Season contenders; Making of Age of Sail; VFX of Mowgli; Next Year’s Coming Attractions • AFM, Santa Monica, CA 10/31-11/7
• Animation Is Film, Los Angeles, CA 10/19-25
• Special Oscar Mailing List*
286 January 2019 Nov. 12 Nov. 20 Dec. 3 Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Movie; Welcome to Marwen; Fantastic Beasts VFX; Song and Music Contenders; Animation Lovers’ Holiday Gift Guide; Toon Timeline • Special Oscar Mailing List*
287 February Dec. 13 Dec. 18 Jan. 2 DreamWorks’ 3 Below; Dragon Ball Super; Annie Awards Noms; Trade Show Calendar; Golden Globe nominees, Alita, Aquaman; Oscars VFX Shortlist; Oscars Animated Shorts Short List; Top 10 Tech Tools of 2018; Guide to Marketing Your Indie Short • 2019 Calendar
• Special Oscar Mailing List*
288 March Jan. 18 Jan. 28 Feb. 8 The LEGO Movie 2; Oscars Nominations; VES Awards Nominations; Annie Awards preview; Oscars Sci-Tech Awards; Cartoon Movie preview; VFX of Hellboy and Glass; International Education and Career Guide • International Educational & Career Guide
• Special Oscar Mailing List*
• Annie Awards
• Cartoon Movie
Submissions for editorial consideration must be made at least 6 weeks in advance of publication date.
Publication Calendar will be updated for future issues as dates for Trade Shows become available.
* 8,500 add’l copies Bonus Distribution

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