Watch: The Music and Emotion of Kira Kira’s ‘We the Lightnings’ (Exclusive)

We The Lightnings

Themes of loss, friendship, resilience and inspiration weave together in We the Lightnings, a deeply personal short film written, and directed by Icelandic musician/filmmaker Kristin Bjork Kristjansdottir, a.k.a. Kira Kira (Grandma Lo-fi; composer, Dream Corp LLC). Ahead of the five-song original soundtrack drop on digital and 10″ vinyl (from Reykjavik Record Shop) on March 10, Animation Magazine is pleased to share a behind-the-scenes featurette in which the creator shares the influences and process of crafting the film’s music.

“The music I wrote for We the Lightnings is an act of love for that which remains with us at times of loss. So rather than lamenting what or those who have passed, I like to gently move on in the certainty that love does not die,” says Kira Kira. “Music is energy and keeping a sacred space of clarity around it is paramount to me. That does not mean articulating why or explaining how. It is just a filtering system that only lets love through. I hope the music beams some sense of wonder and comfort out there.”

We the Lightnings is a dreamlike hybrid animation about how love and friendship can rescue us when we are at our lowest, grieving a loss. Featuring artwork by Oscar-nominated My Year of Dicks director Sara Gunnarsdóttir, the film is a 12-year labor of love.

We the Lightnings gunarsdottir illustration
Promotional group portrait for ‘We the Lightnings’ by Sara Gunnarsdóttir


Núa burns through her last drops of gasoline to get to a sanctuary at the end of the road, where powerhouses, musicians and mystics have gathered for a letting go ritual in honor of her mother’s passing.

Music, performed by an ensemble of Icelandic musicians who appear in the film and play on the score, serves as the welcoming embrace that catches Nua on her arrival back home after her life has spiraled out of control.

We the Lightnings is produced by Ursus Parvus and Powernap Productions, co-produced by Nýr kafli. The film had its premiere at the 2021 Reykjavik International Film Festival. Distribution is handled by 7 Palms Entertainment.



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