Demente’s ‘Go-Go Brothers’ Ready to Go-Go to Market with New Trailer

Carlos Gaxiola, Angel Ibarra A., and their team at Guadalajara-based animation studio Demente have teamed up with show creators Michel Montijo and Steve Skrovan (Everybody Loves Raymond, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, School of Rock) of Laka Laka Entertainment to take their supernatural passion project The Go-Go Brothers to market. The producers are looking to hook broadcast partners with an energetic, monster-bashing new trailer.

Synopsis: Rodrigo, Santiago, and Diego Gomez are the “Go-Go Brothers,” three young boys who hunt the monsters of urban legends that haunt every region of the country. Traveling around in an old RV with their unsuspecting carny parents and led by Catori, their spirit guide, the boys capture various scary creatures and send them off to Monsterland so that children everywhere can have sweet dreams.

The Go-Go Brothers, main characters
The Go-Go Brothers, main characters
The Go-Go Brothers, monsters
The Go-Go Brothers, monsters

“Every area of the country has some sort of scary, weird urban legend creature,” explains Montijo. “We looked it up. There are thousands of them, each a product of the geographical area. If a town has a swamp, sure enough there’s a swamp creature, a mountain, there’s a mountain creature, a desert, there’s a desert creature. The possibilities are endless … Because the parents are carnies, the family can travel all across the country and beyond, so the Go-Go Brothers and Catori can encounter so many different types of situations.”

“And it’s wide open for colorful, unique animation and storytelling specific to each particular region,” Demente’s Gaxiola adds.

The series of 11-minute episodes aimed at kids six- to 12-years old begin when the Gomez family vehicle breaks down en route to a gig, and the three boys are dispatched to get new wheels while Papa and Mama try to make it to the carnival owned by grumpy Mr. Crump, who has it in for them. The brothers score a cheap RV, only to find it is already occupied by a ghost.

Catori, the restless spirit, is on a mission to hunt down the monsters of urban legends that haunt the dreams of children everywhere… She just hasn’t been able to catch a single one, so far. In the pilot episode, the Go-Go Brothers and Catori hunt down mischievous gremlins wreaking havoc, having migrated from the “airplane graveyard” nearby.

The Go-Go Brothers - Carnival style frame
The Go-Go Brothers – Carnival style frame

Demente has worked with major international entertainment companies such as Warner Bros. Animation (Night of the Animated Dead), WildBrain (Animal Mechanicals), Mattel (Hello Kitty and Friends Mini Tales), Moonbug (Thomas & Friends), Augenblick Studios (City Island), Bardel (Rick and Morty), Bento Box and Titmouse, among others. Its current slate also includes the first project under its pact with multiplatform lucha libre entertainment company Masked Republic, Legend of Luchasatsu .



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