Cartoon Movie Announces 9 Nominees for Eurimages Co-Pro Award

The Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund and Cartoon Movie have joined forces in order to award the Eurimages Co-production Development Award. A cash-prize of €20,000, this award has been created to promote the Fund’s role in encouraging international co-production from the initial stages of a project. Today, the nine Cartoon Movie pitch projects nominated for the  Award have been announced.

The winner will be announced Thursday, March 9.


The nominees are:


Produced by Moteur S’il Vous Plaît (France), co-produced by Doghouse Films (Luxembourg)

France in the 23rd century, now a scorching desert due to climate change. After their mother’s untimely death, 10-year-old Nonnie and seven-year-old Albert decide to leave their village in search of their father, who left for Paris looking for the miraculous seeds that could secure their small town’s survival … and never came back. To guide them through this perilous journey and help them get across the Great Desert safely, the children have to make do with their uncle Sid, a good-for-nothing only recently released from prison. But his plan doesn’t match theirs: he secretly intends to lead them into the desert and rob them of everything they possess before losing them…


Birds Don't Look Back

Birds Don’t Look Back
Produced by Special Touch Studios & Creative Touch Studios (France), co-produced by Paul Thiltges Distributions (Luxembourg) & Animoon (Poland)

One day, the decision is made: Amel, a 12-year-old orphan, will leave. This is by no means a matter of choice: her country is at war. Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned. At the border, Amel loses the family who are accompanying her and finds herself alone. Along her way, she meets Bacem, an army deserter and oud (oriental lute) player. Together, the child and the former soldier navigate through the pain of exile and learn to rebuild themselves.



DinoGames. Adventures in the Metaverse
Produced by Dr. Platypus & Ms. Wombat (Spain), co-produced by Beside Productions (Belgium)

At-odds siblings Vera and Codi have one thing they agree on: their love of DinoGames, the world’s most popular metaverse set in a spectacular dinosaur realm. Created by their father Ale, the inventor has bet everything to deliver the most cutting edge augmented reality experience but mysterious glitches have caused a delay in the release of this updated version. After receiving an unusual invite to DinoGames Headquarters from their aunt Bianca, a power surge pulls them into DinoLand. The kids are thrilled to be living the experience until they realize its real dangers and a the world-destroying virus released by villain Pinkolak that has put their lives in jeopardy.


I'm Still AliveI’m Still Alive
Produced by MAD Entertainment (Italy), co-produced by Lucky Red (Italy), Gapbusters (Belgium) & SIPUR (Israel)

From Roberto Saviano, author of the acclaimed best-seller Gomorra, based on his autobiographic graphic novel illustrated by Asaf Hanuka, I’m Still Alive tells the story of a man forced to live under police escort for the last 15 years. Narrated in first person by it own voice, This is Saviano’s story, an investigative journalist, writer, screenwriter whom, through his works, succeeded in shifting the global perception of organized crime. The movie spotlighting 15 years of the author’s real life, starting from his debut bestseller first issue and develops forward and backward mixing flashbacks from his childhood and imaginary events he couldn’t help dreaming of.


Produced by Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)  co-produced by Sun Creature (Denmark), Folivari (France), Aircraft Pictures (Canada) & Wychwood Media (United Kingdom)

Julián is the story of a boy who wants to be a mermaid.
The wide-eyed Julián spends a summer of discovery in NYC with his abuela. Nearly strangers, they brace themselves for tense conversations and new adventures. The colorful chaos of Abuela’s world, and the stories she tells him, awakens something within Julián… questions about who he is and who he could be. Julián’s journey will reach across the diaspora, from Brooklyn block to the depths of the ocean, in an intergenerational ebb and flow. Through Abuela’s world, Julián explores his identity, gender expression and the hidden heritage of his family.


Love Is a Gypsy Child A Carmen Story

Love Is a Gypsy Child – A Carmen Story
Produced by Folivari (France), co-produced by La Garde Montante (France) & Pikkukala Barcelona (Spain)

Andalusia, 1840. Back in his hometown of Seville after three years of peddling, 13-year-old Salva, assistant to a blind knife-grinder, meets Carmen, a 20-year-old gypsy woman with a captivating voice. After hearing a prediction that she is doomed to die, he calls on his friend Belén and her small troop of street urchins to help him save the young gypsy. His quest takes them to Lillas Pastia’s tavern, through the narrow winding streets of Seville, across orange roofs and into the dyeing factory with its plethora of pigments; it leads them to an old mine and the misty gypsy camp, the bullfighting square Plaza de Toros, and the galleons moored in the harbor. But as they go about their mission, will they find a way to stop the tragic fate the fiery gypsy Carmen is destined to endure?


The Precious Gift

The Precious Gift
Produced by animation people (Czech Republic), co-produced by JPL Films (France)

Following her parents’ separation, a little girl learns how to tame her fears by opening herself to the world and to others. A fantasy journey through her emotions teaches her to rely on herself and on friendship. And make peace with the new family situation.


Yakari 2

Yakari 2
Produced by Dargaud Media (France), co-produced by Belvision (Belgium)

While his friend Buffalo-Seed is in a deep coma and Rainbow reveals her shaman skills by keeping him alive, Yakari gallops off with Little-Thunder in search of the only living being capable of bringing him back to life: Buffalo-Seed’s totem, the imposing, fantastic and dangerous Thathanka!



Yap Yap The Secret ForestYap Yap – The Secret Forest
Produced by Parka Pictures (Denmark), co-produced by Milford (Sweden)

Naia lives alone with her parents in a towering megalopolis. Left largely to herself she roams the concrete streets to find a place to plant her seeds and grow a garden. One day, in a narrow alley, Naia stumbles through the hidden entrance to Yap Yap, a forestland inhabited by strange and magical creatures of nature. Naia makes new and unusual friends, but a growing darkness is threatening Yap Yap’s existence. Naia sets out on an impossible quest to stop the darkness and save both worlds.


Cartoon Movie 2023 will be held March 7-9 in Bordeaux, France.



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