‘The Rubbish World of Dave Spud’ Adds Third Season to the Heap

This year, fans will get a third series of adventures starring Dave Spud, his family, best friends and band of monsters! Season 3 is now in production for CITV, with The Illuminated Film Company working on 26 new episodes of the RTS Awards Best Children’s winner, due to launch in the U.K. in Autumn 2023.

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud embarks on S3 just as the series has been awarded Creative Wales Government Funding for the animation work undertaken at studio Cloth Cat in Cardiff. The show has also recently been picked up by MG Alba (Gaelic Media Service) and Irish national broadcaster RTÉ. Dave Spud is also moving into licensing and merchandising, represented by Licensing Management International (LMI).

Aimed at children aged 6-11, The Rubbish World of Dave Spud focuses on the no-nonsense, close-knit Spud family and their amazing escapades. The 2022 RTS Awards described it as ‘Original, surprising, modern and unpatronizing. It has a fresh approach that really appeals to its audience’.

CITV first launched the new British animated series in September 2019 and following a successful run and record ratings, CITV commissioned an additional 52 episodes for delivery over 2020 and 2021. With further popularity and continued success, CITV have commissioned a third season.

“We are delighted by the continued success and support of this British series and are thankful for the support from ITV and the funding support from Creative Wales,” said producer Iain Harvey. “We hope to deliver another bin full of fun adventures for all the fans of the series — they are who we really do all this for!”

Created by the series director Edward Foster and developed by The Illuminated Film Company, the series has the top cast returning, with Johnny Vegas voicing the eponymous hero Dave Spud; Gina Yashere as his friend, Gareth the Starfish; Phillip Glenister and Arthur Smith as Dave’s mum Betty and dad George, respectfully; Lisa Hammond playing Anna, Dave’s sister; and Jane Horrocks as the outrageous Gran — plus Akiya Henry, Adam Gillen, Inel Tomlinson and David Holt voicing Dave’s friends and various monsters.

The series follows Dave Spud and his family and friends as they enjoy the ordinary things in life, but it’s never long before the world starts to misbehave. The new series will see new adventures explored with a host of new writers on board.

“It’s fantastic to see Dave Spud announce its third series,” said Gerwyn Evans, Deputy Director of Creative Wales. “The animation sector in Wales is growing and Creative Wales is delighted to support a project that provides opportunities for Welsh companies to demonstrate their creative talent. We look forward to seeing the new series hit our screens later this year and, no doubt, more industry awards to follow.”

The Rubbish World of Dave Spud is an Illuminated Film Company production, commissioned for CITV by Paul Mortimer, Director of Digital Channels. Internationally, the series is represented by Beta Film.



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