A Day in the Life – #325 December 2022

This month, we spend an eventful day with the amazing Alissa Nutting, author (Made for Love) and co-creator of Adult Swim’s hilarious series Teenage Euthanasia, which follows the misadventures of the Fantasy family, who own a funeral home called Tender Endings.

I’m in L.A., but our animation studio is in Ottawa and my co-creator Alyson Levy is in N.Y.C., which means I have some very early mornings.

But don’t worry, I’m fully awake by the time I drive to the office.

Alyson Levy and I touch base multiple times a day through every medium imaginable. She was nice enough to let me save this picture as her contact photo, so I get to see her looking her corpsiest every day as we work on our cartoon that’s set in a funeral home.

Here is an unauthorized screenshot of the incredible Paul Giamatti, who joined us on a Zoom call. Sometimes you think you can’t possibly adore a performer more, then they wear a CHEESE BALLS shirt and you have to stand corrected. In Season Two, Paul is the voice of a sentient vintage limousine that belonged to the mafia. Also pictured are exec producer Lisa Thomas and exec producer/director of this episode, Scott Adsit.

Even though our Season Two premiere date is several months away, it’s never too early to start thinking about PR. In a brainstorm session, Alyson and I reviewed photos from our last premiere party, which featured a pink Teenage Euthanasia ice cream hearse!

I wear special glasses at the dentist office that reflect my phone’s screen so that I can write emails during the appointment. It’s so nice when you can be efficient and look sexy at the same time!

As a native Floridian, one of my favorite parts of the job is coming up with great tramp stamp tattoos for our characters. Our animation studio, Atomic Cartoons, and our talented art director, Abby Jame, do such a great job of bringing images to life. I’m pretty sure I have to get this ink on my back now!!

Comedian Jo Firestone, who voices our character Annie, famously said, “Lunch can be anything!” So here’s a picture of me eating a loaf of French bread in my car. But when I’m in New York to work with Alyson in person, we enjoy eating at Popeyes together.

Working in L.A., a big part of “the industry” is getting dressed up for events and networking. Here I am trying on outfits for a big evening out, ready to sell my soul to the biggest bidder in Hollywood!





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