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It’s been another busy year for animation pros, and with so many amazing films debuting at every international festival, it is hard to keep on top of it all! Luckily, The Animation Showcase is offering a chance to catch up on a curated “Best of the Year Collection,” available to stream now. The seven-film animation lineup features exclusives from Oscar-nominated directors as well as buzzy newcomers.

“It’s already the seventh year of The Animation Showcase Best-Of Collection, and I am as excited as ever to present it on the platform, but also to be going back into the studios with in-person screenings to show all this pure animated goodness I got to discover around the world,” says showcase founder and curator Benoit Berthe Siward.

Siward says this year’s award season is shaping up to be a particularly interesting one since there are no projects from studios such as Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony or Netflix up for consideration. “This is the first year without the traditional Pixar short, there will be no Netflix shorts nor Sony shorts, so it will be a very interesting year with a wide door open to the indie animation family. And even if I personally often really like what the major studios are doing with shorts, I am very curious and excited to see how the different Academies will navigate the strong and diverse selection of shorts this year.”

He adds,I have the feeling that animation filmmakers are exploring quite mature and modern themes with more freedom and less restraint. For instance, Steakhouse explores toxic masculinity. Christopher at Sea is a queer operatic thriller tackling sexual fantasies. My Year of Dicks follows a young teenager trying to lose her virginity and Black Slide gently approaches loss and the fear of the unknown.

Siward points out that the 2022 Best-of Animated shorts will include fewer titles than usual. “However, we might be releasing a wider selection of very interesting 2022 shorts this winter,” he notes. “Some exclusive making-of including Animated Feature behind the scenes and new featurettes will follow. The platform will also offer a new format of live events, which will allow our members to gain an exclusive insight into the world of specific animation studios. The first one will be focusing on the National Film Board of Canada. I am also trying hard to get an Animated Feature streaming for the end of year celebration, after giving special access to watch Flee last season, and Calamity the year before.”

Animation Showcase is free online portal available to animation professionals and students from the motion picture and animation industry. Animation Magazine readers can request a membership by clicking on this  Animation Magazine Special membership Portal Link, and providing a work proof.

Best Animation Shorts – New Collection 2022

Black Slide by Uri Lotan (Israel | The Hive, Flipbook Studio)
Eviah, a timid boy on the brink of puberty and his best friend Tsuf, Sneak into the Black slide, the most terrifying ride in Aqua Fun. There he will gain insight to prepare him for events about to unfold back home.

Christopher at Sea by Tom CJ Brown (France, U.S., U.K. | Miyu, Psyop, Temple Carrington & Brown)
Christopher embarks on a transatlantic voyage as a passenger on a cargo ship. A chance encounter with Third Engineer Valentin under moonlight waylays his hopes of finding out what lures so many men to sea and sets him on a journey into solitude, fantasy, and obsession.

The Flying Sailor by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby (Canada | NFB)
Two ships collide in a harbor. An explosion shatters a city. A sailor is jettisoned skyward. With ears ringing, blood pulsing and guts heaving, he soars high above the mayhem and towards the great unknown. A bold mix of comedy, suspense and philosophy, The Flying Sailor is an exhilarating contemplation of the wonder and fragility of existence.

Ice Merchants by João Gonzalez (Portugal, U.K., France | COLA, Royal College of Art, Wild Stream)
Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

My Year of Dicks by Pamela Ribon & Sarà Gunnarsdóttir (U.S. | produced by Jeanette Jeanenne)
It’s 1991 and Pam is trying very hard to lose her virginity, but it sure doesn’t match up to her fantasies. Always searching for her ultimate paramour, this old soul swimming in new puberty will struggle between the real world and her grandiose fantasies by exploring a relatable variety of boys of yore — goths, skaters, indie film snobs, straight edge posers — all while trying her best to avoid being grounded. Luckily she has her best friends by her side, who’d like to keep her from cementing a mistake. Created by Pamela Ribon from her critically-acclaimed memoir.

Passenger by Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina | JPZtudio)
A journey through the conflictive relationship between a man, his social environment and codes.

Steakhouse by Špela Čadež (Slovenia, Germany, France | Miyu, Finta Studio, Fabian&Fred, RTV)
The steak has been marinating for a few days now. The pan is heated. Franc’s stomach is rumbling. But Liza’s co-workers surprise her with a birthday party. Will she be home on time?

The Animation Showcase website is also hosting Best Live-Action Shorts Collection for 2022, featuring festival darlings Warsha (Dania Bdeir), Solarium (Jonathan Koulavsky), Sideral (Carlos Segundo), The Right Words (Adrian Mayse Dullin) and Enjoy (Saul Abraham).

For access to The Animation Showcase, visit the account activation page and submit your email and proof of work int he animation and/or motion picture industry.



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