Nine Shows to Catch at MIP Junior!

***This market spotlight originally appeared in the Sept./Oct. ’22 issue of Animation Magazine (No.323)***

Welcome to Lolyland
Welcome to Lolyland

Welcome to Lolyland

Produced by: Cottonwood Media
Format: 52 x 11′
Target Audience: Kids 6-10
Based on: Original comic books created by Cédric Asna (a.k.a. Ced), Emmanuel Martin (a.k.a. Gorobei) and Pierre Walterspieler (a.k.a. Waltch), published by Éditions Dupuis. Series is adapted for TV by Asna, Martin, Walterspieler and Alexa Dosne.
Producers: Zoé Carrera Allaix, Cécile Lauritano and David Michel
Synopsis: A regular 10-year-old girl is magically transported to the magical world of Lolyland, which is filled with unicorns, cyclops, dragons, and all sorts of weird and funny creatures … And none of them have ever seen a human before, so imagine their surprise when they meet her! Penny’s journey is driven by her quest to find out where she comes from, and how to get back. She also has to complete missions for Lolyland’s bossy and wacky ruler, Granny Loly!
Standout Qualities: A fun fantasy adventure show with a girl lead.
Exec Quote: David Michel, CEO/Co Founder of Cottonwood Media, says, “This is a perfect show for the market because it has this unique, slightest edgy, European quality while being a commercial product.”
Delivery Date: Q4 2024

Pop Paper City
Pop Paper City

Pop Paper City

Distributed by: Aardman
Format: 52 x 11’
Type of Animation: Mixed Media
Target Audience: Preschool
Created by: LoveLove Films
Synopsis: Pop Paper City is a vibrant 3D craft show with adventure, set in a place where dreams can become reality. The series focuses on a group of unique friends who live in Pop Paper City, the capital of the stunning and endlessly peculiar paper world. In each episode, the characters find a new way to have fun together by creating new parts of their already impressive world, using craft to solve their problems and complete their adventure.
Standout Qualities: Stunning paper craft world with great characters, promotes ‘doing as well as viewing.’ Live-action montages within the show inspire children to make their own paper creations.
Exec Quote: Robin Gladman, Aardman’s head of acquisitions notes, “Pop Paper City is a truly unique series — a fun and interactive adventure show full of creativity. The show was instantly recognized at launch, during MIP 2020, by winning the coveted ‘Kids’ Series Pitch’ award, and it’s gone from strength to strength. We are very proud to bring Pop Paper City to kids around the world.”
Delivery date: 2023

Toad & Friends
Toad & Friends

Toad & Friends

Distributed by:  Hoho Rights
Format:  52 x 11′
Type of Animation: CG by Wild Child Animation
Target Audience: Preschool
Created by: Produced by Hoho Ent. based on the book by Kenneth Grahame
Synopsis: Inspired by Kenneth Grahame’s literary classic The Wind in the Willows, Toad & Friends is a brand-new animated series in which Mole, Ratty and Toad are joined by Hedge, a young hedgehog with a zest for life. Celebrating the countryside and the simple joy of being outside, we follow the riverbank friends in brand new humorous adventures as they discover moral courage, respect and the value of friendship.
Standout Qualities: While staying true to the classic story, this new series is brought up to date by highlighting friendship, community, nature and humor and introducing a diverse cast of new characters.
Exec Quote: Oliver Ellis, Joint Managing Director of Hoho Entertainment and Producer of Toad & Friends, says, “With over 85 million copies of the book sold in 29 languages, The Wind in the Willows is not just a British classic, it’s a global classic. We can’t wait to introduce today’s children to our modern take on these beloved characters, with 52 sparkling new stories.”

Our Piggy
Our Piggy

Our Piggy

Distributed by: Dandelooo
Produced by: Bionaut
Format: 52 x 2’
Type of Animation: Digital 2D
Target Audience: Preschool (2-5)
Based on: The award-winning book by Jaromir Plachy
Synopsis: Our Piggy is small, naive, curious and playful. Just like the youngest children, he is discovering and learning about the things around him. It is the most interesting in the everyday things that turn into what they are in his imagination. A box becomes a tractor, a pillow becomes a bee — or is it the other way around? Is a washing machine more fun than a TV? Our Piggy discovers the world one step at a time, joining in is fun!
Standout Qualities: Our Piggy is such a charming, lovable character! The stories feel “real” because they are based on the director’s own son’s games, feelings and viewpoints. The charismatic simple stories and slow pace of each episode allow the youngest children to discover and learn about things that surround them.
Exec Quote: Emmanuèle Pétry Sirvin, Dandelooo’s producer/head of international, notes, “We love the round and colorful design which will appeal to early preschoolers in an original way. The difference between the daily situations and imaginative scenes are seamless which leads the viewer to jump into the creative world unknowingly. Our Piggy is so adorable, real and imaginative that kids will feel they are Piggy. Watching the series, you can feel the joy and love with which it was created.”
Delivery Date: Fall 2022

The Smeds and the Smoos
The Smeds and the Smoos

The Smeds and the Smoos

Distributed/produced by: Magic Light Pictures
Format: 30′ special
Type of Animation: CG provided by Blue Zoo Animation
Target Audience: Children and families
Based on: The book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Synopsis: On a far-off planet, two families always avoid each other. The red Smeds never mix with the Smoos, who are blue, so when a chance encounter allows young Smed Janet to become friends with Bill, a young Smoo, their families immediately try to stop it. But as Janet and Bill’s friendship grows into something more serious, the two clans must find a way to get along to avoid losing them forever.
Standout Qualities: This new special from the multi-Oscar-nominated Magic Light Pictures is narrated by Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins and features a stellar voice cast including Adjoa Andoh, Bill Bailey, Meera Syal and Rob Brydon. A cosmic drama based on a timeless theme about a love which overcomes division.
Exec Quote: Muriel Thomas, director of international distribution at Magic Light Pictures says: “The Smeds and The Smoos is the 12th animated special we have brought to market and our tenth TV adaptation of a Donaldson/Scheffler title. We are delighted to be producing this cosmic tale which, like its predecessors, is right at the heart of the BBC’s Christmas schedule.”
Delivery Date: Christmas 2022 (BBC U.K. premiere)

Spaghetti Sisters
Spaghetti Sisters

Spaghetti Sisters

Distributed by: Sixteen South Rights
Format: 52 x 11′ (in development)
Type of Animation: 2D
Target Audience: 7+ 
Created by: Katie Lyons, development producer, Sixteen South
Synopsis: Sisters Fiona and Flavia Fusilli are doing everything to try and make their family pasta restaurant a roaring success. Unfortunately, this particular restaurant is located in the secluded depths of a mountain valley, far from any potential pasta patrons. So, the family decides to launch a new delivery service, an idea straight from the brains of rookie pasta-delivery-drivers Fiona & Flavia. Armed with a tomato-purée powered golf-cart and bringing any pasta, to any place, the girls never know what kind of adventure awaits them!
Standout Qualities: Wacky comedy celebrating family life and community, with two dynamic sisters having absurd adventures as they try to deliver their pasta to weird and wonderfully remote locations.
Exec Quote: Colin Williams, creative director at Sixteen South, says, “The idea for Spaghetti Sisters came during lockdown, when Katie observed food delivery workers coming and going during the pandemic. The absolute silliness of two spirited sisters trying to deliver food in such a remote location takes our work in a new direction — a binge-worthy series for kids with the vibes of Twin Peaks meets Gravity Falls.”



Distributed by: Studio 100
Produced by: Cheeky Little in assoc. with Australian Broadcasting Co. (ABC), France TV and Studio 100
Package: 20 x 5′
Time of Animation: CG
Target Audience: Upper Preschool (4-7)
Created by: Gary Eck and Nick O’Sullivan
Synopsis: Vegesaurs are the juiciest and crunchiest creatures ever to rule the planet in a colorful prehistoric era. The young Tricarrotops Ginger lives in Vegesaur Valley, a little garden of Eden bathed in sunlight — a perfect patch that a rich ecosystem of the Vegesaurs call home. Each episode is a standalone mini-adventure driven by Ginger and her friends, the baby Pea-Rexes. The stories lean into relatable themes for upper preschoolers like mealtime, sharing, friendship and play.
Standout Qualities: A fresh and unique take on the dinosaur genre with characters you can only find in this show. Vegetables were never so much fun!
Executive Quote:Vegesaurs is the perfect edutainment for upper preschoolers offering amazing characters you will instantly fall in love with!” says Martin Krieger, CEO of Studio 100 Media. “Kids as well as their parents will be able to easily connect with Ginger and the other Vegesaurs and we are excited to announce a number of international collaborations very soon.
Delivery Date: Available now.

Fia's Fairies
Fia’s Fairies

Fia’s Fairies

Distributed by: Monster Entertainment
Produced by: Little Moon Animation
Format: 26 x 5′
Type of Animation: 3D CG
Target Audience: Preschool
Created by: Vanessa Robinson
Synopsis: Every day, Fia and her best friend Ameer take a journey to Fairy Island where they learn an enchanting new language through exciting adventures with the fairies and all their magical friends. As well as teaching Fia and Ameer new words in their additional language, they also teach them about kindness, acceptance and bravery — all whilst bringing our young audience along for the fun!
Standout Qualities: A charming and very entertaining educational show, which pushes Unreal Engine 5 technology to achieve high TV standards.
Exec Quote: Vanessa Robinson, Little Moon Animation founder and producer, says, “Fia’s Fairies is an exciting new show about friendship and adventure but with an entertaining educational core. By introducing an additional language to preschool audiences through Fairy Island magic, we’re thrilled to support children and their families on their language learning journeys and know it’s going to resonate with children across the world.”
Delivery Date: December 2022 |



Distributed/produced by: Guru Studio
Producers: Executive produced by Frank Falcone and Rachel Reade Marcus of Guru Studio, and Maria Perez-Brown (head of kids & family, TIME Studios)
Format: 52 x 11′
Type of Animation: 2D
Target Audience: Kids 5-8
Created by: Tone Thyne (Go! Go! Cory Carson, The Adventures of Napkin Man!, Wonder Pets!)
Synopsis: The show follows eight-year-old fact-finder Ellerby, her best friend Olsen and their ever-present camera as their natural curiosity leads them to discover the truth behind the wild stories people love to share in their tight-knit community. Whether Ellerby is digging into important questions, like why the paper factory smells like dirty feet or exploring more personal truths, like why PJ’s parents aren’t together anymore, she uses tried and tested reporting skills to judge the credibility and reliability of the information.
Standout Qualities: This new animated educational comedy series being developed with the support of TIME Studios’ Kids & Family division will teach kids how to develop a lifelong practice of separating fact from fiction, whether it’s a schoolyard rumor or misinformation online. TIME Studios brings nearly a century of journalism experience to the project helping to introduce children to the foundational journalistic concepts of truth and fairness.
Exec Quote: “We can’t wait to unveil Scoops at this year’s MIP Junior, an exciting new comedy that tackles the important and timely theme of media literacy. Kids will love junior reporter Ellerby, who like many children is naturally curious and has a relentless enthusiasm for asking questions. With the incredible support from TIME Studios, we’ve developed a series that encourages curiosity and critical thinking to help kids better navigate their life at home, in the schoolyard and in their community,” says Rachel Reade Marcus, VP of creative development at Guru Studio.



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