Exclusive: Lightbox Expo to Offer Panels on ‘Vox Machina,’ ‘Maya and the Three’

We just got word that Lightbox Expo, which takes place in Pasadena Oct. 14-16, will feature two dynamic panels on two of our favorite animated shows of the past two years— Netflix’s Maya and the Three and Amazon Prime Video’s Legend of Vox Machina. Here are the details:

The Art of the Legend of Vox Machina

Sunday, October 16
When Critical Role decided to pitch an animated series based on their tabletop RPG campaign, they turned to the Emmy award-winning animation studio, Titmouse. Art Director Arthur Loftis and Lead Character Designer Phil Bourassa will discuss the evolution of the Critical Role universe from role-playing livestream into a high budget action-adventure series on Amazon Prime. The creative team at Titmouse has worked closely with the cast members of Critical Role to capture the magic of their sprawling universe. During this panel, Arthur and Phil will cover the challenges of adapting an existing story that spans hundreds of hours, and the expectations that come with a project backed by fan funding. They’ll also dig into the design process of building a world that has already been represented in comics, campaign guides and fan art.

Developing Maya and The Three

Sunday, October 16

A behind the scenes look at the development of Netflix’s acclaimed mini-series Maya and the Three with creator Jorge Gutierrez, producer Tim Yoon and head of story Jeff Ranjo. Join the three acclaimed animation veterans as they discuss the inspiration, art and creation of this spectacular Annie-winning production which centers on a fearless Mesoamerican warrior princess who embarks on a quest to recruit three legendary fighters to help save the world of gods and humankind.

Lightbox, which is billed as a celebration of the art will showcase more than 150 panel. This year’s edition will also feature the likes of Academy Award-winning co-director of Brave, Brenda Chapman, Everett Downing, Jr. (co-director of the Academy Award-winning Hair Love and director of the upcoming My Dad the Bounty Hunter), James Gurney (the creator of Dinotopia), concept design artist Mark “Crash” McCreery (Jurassic Park), Star Trek concept design artist Neville Page, and Dice Tsutsumi (co-director of the Academy Award-nominated The Dam Keeper and director of the upcoming Oni: Thunder God’s Tale). Read more about this unique event here:

Lightbox Expo returns to Pasadena in October.

For more information about LightBox Expo, please visit www.lightboxexpo.com and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Discord.

Check out this great animated interview with Maya and the Three creator Jorge R. Gutierrez (directed by Mack Mayo) below:




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