Animation From Spain Ready to Make a Splash at Cartoon Forum

As animation players from across Europe and around the world prepare to come together once again in Toulouse, France for the 2022 Cartoon Forum (Sept. 19-22), ICEX-Invest in Spain presents a spotlight of the Spanish animated projects participating in the big TV pitch fest, and an introduction to potential partners worldwide.

Spanish Animation by the Numbers

  • Eight features films and six animated series produced in Spain releasing in 2022.
  • 50 titles currently in production; 70% co-productions with European and Latin American partners thanks to 30+ co-pro treaties with Spain.
  • Almost 300 animation and VFX companies in the country.
  • Internationally respected VFX / post-production teams which have worked on 300+ productions in the past year (85+ international productions).

To bolster the country’s rapidly growing audivisual market, ICEX has recently launched the Spain Audiovisual Bureau, a centralized point for all the information related to the internationalization of the audiovisual industry (including animation), both to attract investment and filming to Spain, and to enable Spanish companies and productions to develop their projects abroad. This is on top of the improved tax incentives in Spain for foreign productions (30% tax relief on the first 1 million euros, 25% over for 1-3 million euros per production) as well as regional rebats in Canary Islalnds (50% for 1M euros, 45% over, up to 18M euro deduction) and Navarre (40% tax rebate).

Of course, the animation community may already be familiar with the production companies representing Spain at Cartoon Forum thanks to the annual Who Is Who Animation from Spain Guide, published by ICEX and dedicated to Spanish companies in the animation and VFX sector who have active projects and international potential. It is a detailed guide to nation’s animation production and distribution companies complete with contact details, as well as profiles of tech services companies related to animation and VFX. It can be downloaded free of charge via this link.


Spanish Studios & Projects at Cartoon Forum 2022

Bertie's Brainwaves
Bertie’s Brainwaves © In Efecto

In Efecto Atlantis
In Efecto Atlantis (, an animation studio based in the heavenly Canary Island of Tenerife, which provides creative and innovative content for TV series and feature films. A winning combination of creative talent and in-house production tools allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services, from pre-production to full color grading and final delivery.

Bertie’s Brainwaves
52 x 11’ / Ages 6-9
Synopsis: Like most 10-year-olds, Bertie has an overactive imagination. But while the weird things other kids think about stay safely in their noggin, Bertie’s imagination is so powerful it can’t be contained! The things he imagines explode from his brain and become 100% REAL, transforming the world around him and throwing Bertie and his best friends, Donna and Eugene, into bizarre adventures that only Bertie could have dreamed up.

Mervyn's Album
Mervyn’s Album © Kick the Door

Kick the Door Prod.
A new Barcelona-based boutique production company focused on animation established by scriptwriter Marie Beardmore (writer of many successful TV series such as ​Angry Birds Toons and ​Sonic Boom). As well as developing its own shows, KTD ( also develops and exec produces for third parties.

Mervyn’s Album
52 x 13’ / Ages 6-9
Synopsis: Mervyn is able to enter the world inside postage stamps. From Tesla to Titanic and dragons to aliens, Mervyn visits everything and everyone ever featured on a stamp. What’s more, he can create realities inside Stamp Realm by doodling stamps of his own. Breathtaking adventures and a hilarious mishmash – we’re in for lots of fun! However, Stamp Realm has a darker side too: a group of dodgy types plot to cross the divide between the fantasy land and reality.

The Little Orchestra
The Little Orchestra © Mago Productions

Mago Production
An audiovisual production company based in Barcelona specializing in animation. In its 20 years of experience it has produced several animated series for television, as well as short films, documentaries and two feature films. Values such as multiculturalism, creativity and originality are the basis of the company’s projects and the teams of professionals who make them a reality. Mago Production ( has additional offices in Perpignan, Düsseldorf, Mexico City and Tokyo, and most its projects are co-produced internationally.

The Little Orchestra
26 x 11’ / Ages 6-9
Synopsis: Toto, Vale and Julen are three friends who love music as much as they love getting into trouble. Together with Grandpa John Beard, a legendary ex-roadie who still has his old truck, the band will visit some odd characters and try to reveal the secrets of music. Or have a fantastic adventure anyway. Either way, The Little Orchestra will be playing and viewers will learn how a song is made!

My Brother Is a T-Rez
My Brother Is a T-Rez © Mr. Klaus Studio

Mr. Klaus Studio
Founded in 2015 by a team with 20 years of experience in the animation industry, this creative studio has collaborated with big companies such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Canal+ and Anima. Mr. Klaus Studio ( was born to create and produce its own stories with a unique look & feel. With four original ideas already developed for TV series, the studio firmly believes in and supports the talent of independent producers, so high quality animation products created with passion and maximum concern for quality are developed.

My Brother Is a T-Rez
52 x 7’ / Ages 4-6
Synopsis: Coco is six years old and loves spending time making up stories: yesterday it was a pirate’s tale, today it’s a western. To create them, she just needs her own imagination and some props she’s made herself. This might sound pretty normal for a girl her age, but hey! Wait a moment! Her little brother happens to be a T-Rex! Coco and Rez’s adventures will be amazing, although it seems her little brother is a tiny bit impulsive and not very patient…

BFFs © Peekaboo Animation

Peekaboo Animation
A production and distribution company founded in Barcelona in 2015. Peekaboo Animation ( focuses on the development, production and financing of animated content for kids, mostly broadcast series, as well as services to third parties in the audiovisual and publishing sectors. Their portfolio includes titles such as I, Elvis Riboldi, Rocky Kwaterner and Mironins, winner of the Gaudí Award for the Best Animated Film. They are currently developing a slate of several series from educational preschool to edgy comedies for kids.

Best Friends Forever… Stranded! (BFFS)
40 x 11’ / Ages 8-10
Synopsis: Frank is a rooster who dreams of becoming a famous writer, so he leaves the farm with his loyal companion, Chops the pig, and heads for the Big City. However, there’s a big storm and their boat get stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, where they meet Charli, the vegan crocodile, and create a unique bond. Soon they’ll discover the island hides a secret prophecy that turns everybody nuts, and live some crazy and bizarre adventures.

Zoey Oceans
Zoey Oceans (concept art) © Studio Kimchi

Studio Kimchi
Founded in 2016, Barcelona-based Studio Kimchi ( was born of a passion for creating animated stories in all formats: short films, commissions for brands (such as LEGO, UNHCR, Nutella, Polaroid and Southeastern Guide Dogs) and the development and production of its own projects. The passion for good stories with rich characters connects all Studio Kimchi projects. There is a meticulous attention to detail right through from pre-production to post-production in order to produce quality content that gives the audience stories they can connect with.

Zoey Oceans
26 x 13’ / Ages 7-9
Synopsis: It’s been five years since Zoey’s father’s ship disappeared on the high seas, with the shipment of rubber ducks it was carrying being the only things left afloat. These ducklings have since been washing up all over the globe, and although most people have assumed Zoey’s father will never return, she never loses hope. If these ducklings are being found everywhere, then maybe her father might show up somewhere too!

Polka Dot Zebra
Polka Dot Zebra © Sygnatia

Sygnatia ( is a very successful animation production company directed by Xosé Zapata that seeks quality and maximum profit in its products, and has won countless awards: BAFF, Animamundi, LA film Festival, Annecy, Goya, EFA, nominations for Annie Awards, proposed to represent Spain at the Oscars, Platinum Awards and more.

Polka Dot Zebra
42 x 5´ / Ages 2-5
Synopsis: Bella is a little zebra who was born with spots instead of stripes. Any other zebra would feel like a misfit, but Bella doesn’t. She belongs to the Polka Dots, the most varied clan of the savannah — made up of a chicken, a leopard and a deer. Thanks to the Polka Dots, Bella has learned that being different is normal, and much more fun!

Firsts © TV ON Producciones

TV ON Producciones 
TV ON Producciones ( is a production company created in 2000 in Valencia (Spain), under the direction of Paloma Mora, a producer with a long career in the audiovisual field who is also CEO of Admirable Films. Previous animation productions include Sex Symbols, Selection Process, Critical Line, The Diary of Bita and Cora and The Cryptozoologist.

13 x 11’ / Ages +7
Synopsis: An anthological, animated show depicting the life stories of women from around the world who became pioneers in fields that until then had been reserved only for men. With passion and determination, these young women decide to push the boundaries and change the rules to make their dreams come true. By doing so they became the “Firsts” to enter fields such as sports, science, the arts and social movements.



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