MaNaBu Movement Partners with Autism Resource Center Have Dreams

MaNaBu Movement foundation announced this week it has signed a collaborative agreement with Chicago-based Have Dreams, a leading worldwide resource center for programs and education for children, teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

MaNaBu Movement plans to develop animated and ancillary content with Have Dreams and combine their knowledge, experience and resources to improve children’s wellbeing by creating fun, evidence-based and emotionally-grounded content that any child can follow along and enjoy.

MaNaBu (which means “to learn” in Japanese) empowers children to reach their full potential and become advocates for a kinder, more inclusive and sustainable future.

“We are beyond excited to collaborate with Have Dreams, as we believe this unique collaboration can genuinely enrich the edutainment space,” said MaNaBu’s Executive Director Tihana Smitran. “Our purpose is timeless and aims to empower children from all walks of life, bring more equality and encourage collaboration and understanding among children.”

Resources for educators, care providers and families is another major priority for MaNaBu Movement and will be working closely with Have Dreams to ensure that their IP has the greatest impact for children on the spectrum.

“MaNaBu Movement opens an untapped avenue for children with ASD to join their peers in learning through edutainment,” said Kris Johnsen, Executive Director of Have Dreams. “We are proud to collaborate on this creative venture and extend Have Dreams’ mission.”

Among its first priorities for MaNaBu Movement is to enhance and expand Have Dreams’s ASD & the Library program, which uses their structured teaching methodology to aid librarians in improving literacy for children with Autism.

MaNaBu Movement seeks to make additional partnerships with NGOs, organizations and brands committed to impactful children’s programming. In addition to executives in Switzerland, Germany and Los Angeles, MaNaBu Movement has a close working relationship with  3D animation shop Amulet Studios in Zagreb, Croatia, which developed the MaNaBu characters.

MaNaBu Movement is a U.S. 501 (c)(3) founded in 2020 which aims to educate children through play via a variety of digital and real-world channels about the many challenges facing the world today, with a view to empower them to become lifelong agents for positive change.

For 25 years, Have Dreams has been a leader in resources for individuals and their families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), understanding the complexities and uniqueness of each person with ASD and focusing it’s programming and services on the core deficits of social skills, communication and independence for children, teens and adults. |



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