Frederator Fetches New Hybrid Series for TikTok Stars ‘Hammy and Olivia’

Frederator Studios, a WOW! Unlimited Media Inc. company, announces that it has entered development on its newest show, the live-action/animation crossover series Hammy and Olivia, starring the stubby-legged canine internet celebrities of the same names.

Hammy and Olivia, TikTok’s cutest corgis, have quickly become break-out stars on social media, amassing a fan base of millions of followers on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram since owner Chris Equale first started producing content in March 2020 during quarantine. What began as a creative outlet while stuck at home quickly turned into much more as fans fell in love with Equale talking with his dogs Hammy and Olivia in offbeat skits, complete with cartoonish sound effects, playful camera work and plenty of costumes.

Frederator’s new Hammy and Olivia series will target kids ages 6+ with winks to an older audience designed to entertain the entire family with creative storytelling and exciting adventures filled with entertainment, humor and family-friendly chaos.

Like most of us, Equale found himself stuck at home navigating an unprecedented global pandemic. With coronavirus hospitalizations and empty grocery store shelves occupying the headlines, Equale saw an opportunity to help his friends and family smile through the lens of his silly corgis, Hammy and Olivia. When he posted his first video to TikTok, he had no idea that his video would catch the eyes of more than just his close circle, but it was quickly seen by millions.

The global reaction to this wholesome, 15-second video was the catalyst Equale needed to turn his daily focus into helping the world smile during very uncertain times. Over the course of two years, Equale has produced over 700 videos receiving billions of views, and millions of fans of all ages tune in to Hammy and Olivia’s social media channels every day for a smile and a daily giggle.

Hammy and Olivia
Hammy and Olivia

“We feel that whether you’re a single adult or a family household, your heart will beat with these two dogs,” says Isabel Schulz, Director of Development at Frederator Studios. “We’ve been wildly impressed by Chris’ ability to capture such magic with just a cellphone, and we know there is a much lengthier story to unpack with these two. It’s an all-hands-on-deck mission to get these two larger-than-life personas into lengthier adventures that will captivate viewers.”

Equale says, “One thing any animal lover will agree on is that you want to root for a corgi. They aren’t blessed with the longest legs or the fluffiest tails … they are true underdogs. Frederator sees the heroes that live within these two, lovable pups, and their studio’s imaginative expertise has given me the creative liberty to explore infinite possibilities. Their team’s alignment on prioritizing what our millions of fans have grown to love while also seeing an opportunity to immerse these established characters into a world that will complement their unique personalities has been the biggest dream come true. I’ve never been more excited for the limitless adventure that our fans will be able to enjoy.”

Created by Equale, Hammy and Olivia will be produced by Frederator Studios led by Schutlz and Frederator’s CEO Michael Hirsh. Genius Brands International will also develop a global licensing, merchandising, promotions and retail program supporting the brand and series.



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