First Look: Netflix Animation Spotlights Upcoming Shows at Annecy

***This article originally appeared in the 35th Anniversary Issue of Animation Magazine (June-July ’22, No. 321)***

Among the many studios from around the world gathering in France this month, Netflix will be spotlighting many of its upcoming animated shows and movies at Annecy. Here are some first-look images and quotes from the show creators:

My Dad the Bounty Hunter
My Dad the Bounty Hunter

Everett Downing, Co-Creator, My Dad the Bounty Hunter

“This project is an absolute dream for me. Not only do we get a chance to share an original animated sci-fi adventure with the world, but at the heart of the story is this amazing Black family that really loves each other. The characters are as endearing as they are entertaining, and I can’t wait for everyone to meet them. This show is going to be one wild ride. Expect wild alien life forms, laser show downs, killer robots, family shenanigans and the best BBQ wings on this side of the galaxy! Our hope is that the show not only entertains you, but surprises you as well.”

Patrick Harpin, Co-Creator, My Dad the Bounty Hunter

“To start with, it’s a sci-fi action-comedy about a family of color. And, it’s not an IP, it’s a completely original story. Beyond that, this series really looks and feels like a feature. It’s serialized, and plays as one giant story. The biggest thing that makes this show stand out is that we truly do not talk down to kids, in our scripts, voice acting or filmmaking. The tone of our show can range from zany comedy and full-blown action set-pieces, to grounded drama. But I believe if you make smart choices that take your world seriously, the audience will take your world seriously. Even when it’s a comedy.”

(Read more about My Dad the Bounty Hunter.)

Spirit Rangers
Spirit Rangers

Karissa Valencia, Creator, Spirit Rangers

“Our show celebrates Indigenous storytelling with Indigenous talent at the helm. I created this show inspired by my time growing up on the Chumash Reservation in the Santa Ynez Valley of Southern California. I grew up with bedtime stories of our land, animals and plants. I went to Pow Wows, attended our Bear ceremonies and believed my culture was magic. However, I never saw that reflected back at me in my favorite TV shows or movies. As a Native kid, that can feel incredibly isolating. I can’t wait for the next generation of Native youth to see themselves on screen and have new Native heroes to look up to. It’s the show I always wished for as a kid who loved cartoons.

“However, you don’t have to be Native to enjoy the show! There will be plenty of action, adventure, magic and lots of love for our Earth. With spunky heroes, goofy sidekicks and catchy songs, every family will have something to look forward to in this show, set in the most beautiful National Park you’ve ever seen.”

Oni: Thunder God's Tale
Oni: Thunder God’s Tale

Dice Tsutsumi, Creator & Showrunner, Oni: Thunder God’s Tale

“This is truly the type of a project Tonko House dreamed of making when we started the studio eight years ago. From the story to the art direction, character design to the original soundtrack, we crafted every element with an eye to the personal experience we’d want to be a part of as an audience member. Netflix has been our dream collaborator who believed in our original vision, and trusted a small indie studio like Tonko House to drive this big production. Oni offers a fresh take on the fantastical creatures familiar to Japanese folklore. Set in the backdrop of lush mythical forests, audiences will join our heroine, Onari, and her friends on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. It is that once-in-a-lifetime project when story, aesthetic and cast converge to create a unique slice of cinema. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it and still get chills after every viewing.”

(Read more about Oni: Thunder God’s Tale.)


The Netflix Animation Showcase will take place at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival on Wednesday, June 15 at 1:30 p.m. local time in the Bondlieu’s Grande salle. Badgeholders may reserve a seat here.



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