KOCCA Showcases Dynamic Slate of New Animated Content

Korea’s Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) is offering us a sneak peek at some of the country’s attractive new animation slate. Here are some titles that will be available at animation markets around the world in the next few months:

Bato & Bao (Creative Bomb)
Bato & Bao (Creative Bomb)

Boto & Bao

Company: Creative Bomb

Format: 2D Animation, 20 x 11 (Season 1), 26 x 11 (Season 2)

Synopsis: Boto, the smart pink dolphin from the Amazon; Bao, the adventurous golden dolphin from the Asian Ocean; Monodon, the brave Don Quixote unicorn whale from the North Pole; Beluga, the white whale Soprano from the North Pole; and Yawn the Chef, the gray whale from the Pacific Ocean, have gentle adventures along with Dong Dong City, and fight against Rojo’s army to protect the ocean under Dr. Turtle’s command.

Date Available: Now

About the Studio: Established in 2015, Creative Bomb has been offering a wide range of services based on its animation IP Boto & Bao — the TV animation series has five seasons and 124 episodes in total, and is now are being broadcast in Korea (Animax), China (CCTV), Thailand (True Vision Channel) and on new media channels.

  • Animation Production and Media Distribution: The studio’s animated shows are broadcast in Korea, China and Thailand. Russian, Indonesian and Vietnamese dubbed versions of Boto & Baoare now available, and Creative Bomb successfully signed a publishing contract with a Vietnamese publishing agency.
  • Education Arm: Creative Bomb runs a content business in education and in interactive content. The education business includes Boto & Bao IP-based English language learning, music and coding content and the interactive components includes AR and VR videos
  • Licensing & Offline: In addition to the animation content, the company also has a robust offline business arms as well. Creative Bomb runs a ‘kids play zone & cafe’ business and releases licensed products, including book and toys.

Studio Statement: “Creative Bomb is looking for an animation publisher in priority, co-producer, character licenser, and education partner next. We hope to find great partners at the next animation market.”

Website: creativebomb.net

K-Pop English (Ace Edu)

K-Pop English

Company: Ace Edu

Format: 100 x 3.5′

Synopsis: K-Pop English switches the educational paradigm for textbooks around the world from ‘text-based’ to ‘music video-based’, making kids get more interested in studying and providing them with excellently memorizing experiences. [K-Pop English] Science and Social Studies, Biography, Pattern English Conversation with high quality K-pop perfectly work for elementary school students and kids above the age of five!

Date Available: Nov. 10, 2021

About the Show: The director of the show was a K-pop singer on the M-net channel as well as an English teacher on EBS. That’s how John Yang decided to produce K-Pop English as an edutainment show using K-pop. The three-minute episodes focus on biographies of great men, science, social studies and pattern English infused with catchy K-pop music.

Studio Statement: “In Korea, our content has already proven its performance in the market under the brand ‘Rap Tong’ (memorizing texts with rap). It’s used in a variety of bestsellers and more than 1,000 schools and has several videos having over a million YouTube views. Now we are developing K-Pop English contents as our next generation content brand for the global market. The innovation of our content is based on the fact that a three-minute music video can replace a one-hour class. Fun, short clips capture the attention and imagination of young viewers.”

Competitive Edge: “Our core competitiveness is that unlike many children’s songs which are made of simple melodies, K-Pop English was developed with innovation over the past 10 years with production know-how. We are able to maximize the use of English language and story memorization through catchy and high-quality K-pop melodies.”

Golden Panda (Sopp)
Golden Panda (Sopp)

Golden Panda

Company: Sopp Studio

Format: FHD 2D/3D CGI, 24 x 22′

Synopsis: It’s the year 2056, and CITY 78 is under construction. It’s a habitat of the future: Built over an old city destroyed by pollution and war, City 78 will be safe, environmentally sustainable and constructed completely by robotic workers. Well, almost completely. They need a skeleton crew to oversee the work, and that’s why they brought in Dr. Do and Dr. Do (a married couple, both doctors). They oversee the robots, and work on upgrades of their own. Their son Eugene is one of the only kids in the whole city. His parents try to show him the cool robots they’re working on, but Eugene isn’t interested; he’s more into exploring with his friends Dorothy and Sammy, and together they call themselves the Three Musketeers.

One day, when disasters threaten the city, Eugene has to seek the help of a new robot — a tank-sized construction bot dubbed the Golden Panda with a mind of its own. Alongside his friends (and their own specialized robots), he’ll save the city from whatever threats arise … and try to find his missing parents in this amazing techno-city.

Date Available: 2023

Studio Statement: “Our IP Golden Panda and Galactic Pantz have been created with a different visual look in mind — blending classic animation with a futuristic look. Based on this original concept by creator L. Sopp, the show’s writer, Cory [Gustke], draws from his extensive background from his days at Marvel and DC comic series to create a rich and exciting storylines and characters. Our 3D animation and game expert, James Chung, CEO of Roqovan, has also joined the project as a producer. We are really excited about showing our great-looking new shows and offering entertaining plots and characters to the world in the near future.”

Website: sopp.co

For more info about these animation companies and other top Korean animation studios, visit Kocca.kr.



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