New Fall Offerings: A Korean Animation Sampler

This month, KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) is bringing some of the best animated content produced by the country’s top animation studios to the MIPJunior and MIPCOM Market in France. Here is a quick look at some of this year’s highlights:

Super Dino
Super Dino

Studio: SAMG (Formerly known as SAMG Animation).
Name of Show: Super Dino
Format: 11 x 52
Synopsis: Created by SAMG’s CEO, Suhoon Kim, who has created almost all of the studio’s shows, this preschool series is set in a fantasy island where dinosaurs never became extinct. Our heroes rescue various dinosaurs in peril or solve everyday problems in this super-advanced dino metropolis.
Delivery Date: The show will be ready with English dubbing by the Q4, 2022. But the first half of the series (26 episodes) can be delivered by Q2, 2022.
Stand-out Qualities: The show features adorable little dinosaurs in a bright and surprising world of dinosaurs in present time. The show will also introduce a wide variety of dinosaurs that kids will love. We’ve had so many different kinds of dinosaur shows and rescue themed series. It’s all because those concepts always mesmerize kids. That’s why we combined those concepts into one show, powered by our high-quality designs, characters, and animation, expecting the next star animation beloved by kids all around the world.
Type of Animation: CGI FHD format.
Studio Background: Founded in 2000, as a small animation studio, SAMG has been creating and producing many brands and intellectual properties for 21 years now. Providing great visual quality animation, SAMG is recognized by many international partners also, and worked on some world’s famous brands like Miraculous Ladybug’ as one of co-producers and service providers. This year, SAMG changed its name from SAMG Animation to SAMG Entertainment, which announcing it will not just stay as an animation studio, but will evolve into a total animation entertainment group, expanding its business into toys, fashion, e-commerce, platform, and education etc.

Hanni and the Wild Woods
Hanni and the Wild Woods

Studio: TOBEIT
Name of Show: Hanni and the Wild Woods
Synopsis: This top-notch edutainment show features warm and lovable characters, set in a world of kindness and joy, inspired music, sweet and funny stories with heart, which also includes messages about the protection of nature and sanctity of friendship.
Target Audience: Two to six year olds.
Format: 52 x 11-minutes
Standout Qualities: Directed by Minah Eom and written by Derek Iversen (one of the writers on SpongeBob SquarePants), Hanni and the Wild Woods is not just any show: this show has an agenda, which is protecting nature. Our episodes focus on helping friends and the environment; conserving nature; having fun in the forest; making things in a way that is harmonious with nature; discovering and enjoying natural phenomena, and finding ways for everyone in the Wild Woods to live in harmony. Our main themes are always connected to nature.
Delivery Date: The first season is already completed in English, Spanish and Korean
Studio background: We have the expertise to successfully develop and operate gaming, character, and content businesses. Our goal is to provide global content that will reach and move the audience and communicate positive messages in our lives through “fun.”
Contact: Harins Yoon /

Hana and Molly
Hana and Molly

Studio: 5Bricks
Name of Show: Hana and Molly
Synopsis: This show is about the adventure of four-year-old Hana and her sock friend Molly—and they are curious about everything. The show seeks to inspire little kids to understand their own and other’s emotions through playful adventures that help them laugh and learn.
Target Audience: Preschoolers, ages 3 to 5
Format: 40 x 7-minutes
Delivery Date: It is on early pre-production stage now. We are discussing with several international companies, regarding long-term partnership including, co-production, distribution, related licensing business and etc. and at the same time, we are still looking for the partners who we can share the visions on our preschool show. We are aiming to take this show into the global market in year 2023.
Stand-out Qualities: Hana & Molly introduces young viewers to a group of friends, who are fully of curiosity and freely express/share their emotions. This world is full of fun and adventure, and offers heart-warming stories that kids may experience in their everyday lives. It also features music and songs that kids can enjoy at home & kindergarten with their families and friends. Each episode showcases different types of emotions that help preschoolers get to know themselves better through captivating stories. It also features reliable educational assets for kids, consulted and designed by the U.S. professional, Cheryl Gothelf.
Studio Background: Established in 2018, 5Bricks is a professional animated content company based in Korea. The studio pursues producing visually interesting content featuring creativity and diversity with warm stories. Our slapstick-adventure comedy Tata & Kuma is ready to be distributed worldwide soon through various platforms next year, with the collaboration of various global partners. Both Hana and Molly and Amazing 12 are in pre-production.

DoReMi Dalimi
DoReMi Dalimi

Studio: Sunwoo & Company
Name of Show: DoReMi Dalimi
Format: 26 x 11, CG-animated
Audience: Preschool girls
Synopsis: The show centers the daily adventures of a happy 5-year-old girl named Dalimi and her family and friends. The concept is based on the famous Dalimi Toy Brand that was launched in Korea in 2006 and is currently widely sold across Asia. Sunwoo teamed up with the toy manufacturer Toytron to create this fun and exciting series.
Delivery date: By the end of October 2021
Standout Qualities: This trendy character-driven sitcom is centered on Dalimi, the most sweet and loveable young lady you can find on the face of Earth, and her daily interactions with her charming family, best friends Sunny and Benji, Grandpa, pet dog Lucky, and the cute stray cat Choco. Each episode evolves around daily preschool themes with a general international audience in mind, all focused towards educational messages of understanding others and doing your best in any given situation. The show’s dance and musical number truly stand out. Each episode has two eye-catching musical sequences with characters singing and dancing to captivating melodies. They have been created by actual stage-musical professionals to offer the utmost fun and excitement to our young audience.
Studio Background: Founded in 1974, Sunwoo is one of the most recognized animation companies in Korea, widely known for their Netflix Original animated series, Treehouse Detectives. Their newest show DoReMi Dalimi premiered last April on KBS with raving reviews, which led to a high-pitched commercial success and a commission for a second season. Sunwoo is also developing a toy-driven boys action series named D-Force, slated for an early 2023 delivery date.



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