‘Meet the WalkerZ’ the Vegan Zombies Nextdoor

Shadow Valley Productions, LLC, a creative-driven branded entertainment company, today introduces a delightful, but highly-unusual, vegan zombie family to young audiences in a newly released teaser for the new animated comedy series, Meet The WalkerZ. Check it out at www.meetthewalkerz.com

The animated project, based on the Jonathan Sanborn comic-book series The Adventures of Zombie Dog and adapted for all media by head writer Grant Boucher, is targeted towards children ages 6-11 years and is currently in production on an initial 4 x 22-minute miniseries to introduce the amazing characters and world to young audiences.

Shadow Valley is also currently pursuing multiple licenses for the brand and most recently appointed leading licensing agency, Firefly Brand Management, as the North American licensing agent for the highly-anticipated entertainment property.

Meet the WalkerZ is a family-friendly comedy about a wonderfully unusual vegan zombie family that wins a game show and gets a rare opportunity to be the first family of their kind to live a “life” in human society. The Walker Family, led by noble dad Ed, features grandma Betty, son Ryder, fun-loving daughter Gigi and, of course, their outrageous trouble-making, meat-loving zombie dog named JJ. The animated adaptation is set to bring fun, family value-based adventures to the screen as JJ and the Walkers learn to adapt to their new neighborhood (and not so friendly neighbors) while constantly attempting to stay meat-free!

“What really drew me to produce Meet the WalkerZ was realizing the potential the comic book had to create a very unique and diverse line-up of characters cuddled by fun-hearted family-values all of which is hidden behind an unusual zombie (but extraordinarily friendly) lifestyle,” noted Jeremy L. Christensen, co-creator and producer. “I held onto and carried around the comic for four years knowing there was no way I was not going to make this into something remarkable and fun for all.”

The production team is led by Shadow Valley production executives Jeremy L. Christensen and Saber Christensen, producers Jonathan Sanborn and Candy Kuo. The animation team, consisting of DreamWorks and Disney animators and New York Times best-selling authors, have maintained production cost and changed the production workflow by using an internally created Unreal Engine 4 pipeline resulting in beautifully stunning visual content.

Shadow Valley Productions is an award-winning creative-driven branded entertainment company dedicated to developing and creating family-value driven content for TV, SVOD and feature films. The production team boasts over 20 years of industry experience working notably on Hacksaw Ridge and the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

The award-winning animation team lead, Evan Mayfield, has worked with DreamWorks and Disney the Tinkerbell animated movie series, G-Force, Spies in Disguise and others. Head of the Art Mat Broome has over 30 years creating branded franchises for Marvel (X-Men), DC (Batman), Sony (H1Z1) and Image (Wildcats). The diverse writing team led by Grant Boucher, coming from Digital Domain, Blue’s Clues and That 70’s Show, have won multiple New York Times Best Selling Authors Awards (David Wolverton in 1999 and Carol Lynch Williams in 2009).



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