MIP Bytes: New Sales, Seasons & Series

France TV Distribution introduced the markets to a few additions to its catalog:

  • Currently being produced by La Station Animation, Grosha & Mr. B (52 x 11′) is a very different approach is a children’s take on the detective genre and cult comedy-action films. Grosha & Mr. B are two cat detectives who work as a team at the Special Bureau of Investigation (SBI). They have diametrically opposed methods and characters, and their job is to solve the wackiest of criminal cases. Grosha, the cat from a modest background, and the aristocratic Mr. B are backed by the SBI’s brilliant team of experts led by Miss Tigri: Turbo, the forensic tortoise, and Paquo and Paco, the two flying-squad pigeons.
  • Based on the book Jean-Michel Le Caribou by Magali Le Huche (Éditions Actes Sud). Super Caribou (48 x 11′ + 2 specials: 2 x 22′ / 44′) is produced by Autour de Minuit. Welcome to the lovely town of Brisiae with its charming town hall, post office, café and bus stop. Don’t hesitate to come and visit. This is a town where nothing happens! … Well, that would be true if it weren’t for the improbable inhabitants of Brisiae and their crazy antics. Luckily Jeremy the Superhero caribou watches over the town like Superman over Metropolis!
  • The famous Boris returns for a third season (26 x 7′), once again produced by Les Films de l’Arlequin. Boris is a 4-year-old boy like all others who believes in his adventures with his toys, giving them speech with the sole strength of his imagination. They’re the perfect accomplices for his joys, fears and little problems. This way, Boris transfers to them his own reactions and anguishes: he’s afraid of the dark but makes them look scared instead, having them all join him in bed so that he can “protect” them.

Monster is keen to introduce buyers to Farmer Mo (26 x 7′, Ages 3-6) from Irish studio Wiggleywoo, which has already pre-sold to YLE and SVT, and the premiere of The Day Henry Met… season 4 from Wiggleywoo, recently sold in full season sets to Ceska Televize. Monster already concluded a raft of sales for new acquisitions ahead of the market:

  • Urban Tails (52 x 2′, Ages 4-6) has been sold to Azoomee, Fauna and HMH’s Curious World. Produced by Ireland’s Pink Kong, in each episode a different urban animal introduces itself in a hip-hop video. The series was commissioned by RTE and financed by Screen Ireland and S. 481, the Irish tax incentive.
  • Cocoland (26 x 5′, Ages 3-6) has been sold to HMH’s Curious World and Kidoodle. From Costa Rica’s Rocket Cartoons, the series is set in a beautiful town in the Caribbean where our group of friends learn soft skills such as empathy.
  • Wow! Wow! Rolling Friends (26 x 11′, Ages 3-6) is from Korea’s Flying Pig. The series is set in a magical world where everything is made out of bricks. Everyday problems are solved by creativity and constructing something which helps solve the problem. The first two sales agreements for this series are currently being concluded.
  • Wackyland Monsterland (26 x 11′, Ages 6-11) was commissioned by Nickelodeon Latin America. Produced by Brazil’s 44 Toons, the series’ main character, Otto, must try to find a way of living a normal-ish life in Wackyland, which can change randomly into Monsterland, and vice versa.

One Animation continues to extend its Oddbods footprint around the world! Following the successful toy launch in Mexico and marathons on Cartoon Network and Boomerang, Turner Latin America has picked up S3 (60 x 7′) plus 22-min. Halloween special Oddbods: Party Monsters. TV3 Catalunya (Spain) has also picked up S3 and the special, while Netflix has inked a new deal for S2 (60 x 7′) for a global launch in January. And train operator TranItalia (Italy) are showing 10 x 5′ Oddbods packages via their on-board monitors and mobile app. Meanwhile, SVP Content Distribution Michele Schofield points out that the property’s one-minute shorts continue to success across OTT, with more than 12 billion views on YouTube alone.

Silvergate Media headed to France with its strongest-ever production slate, with four brand-new properties currently in production for top-tier partners, such as Monkey with a Tool Belt, coming to Netflix in 2020. The company is also shopping three debut series, presented at MIP for the first time.

  • Multi award-winning series Hilda (13 x 22′) will return for a second season earmarked for Netflix in 2020, after its exceptional debut on Netflix in autumn 2018. Silvergate is inviting expressions of interest from global linear broadcast partners for the first season of Hilda for delivery in 2020. The stunningly animated series is aimed at kids aged 6-11 years and scooped an impressive three Annie Awards including Best Animated Television Production for Children and a Daytime Emmy Award in 2019.
  • Octonauts, Silvergate’s well-travelled international breakthrough success, is a top priority for the company at MIP Junior. The franchise currently has two new 70-minute movies set to hit Chinese market in 2020, before the IP will undergo a much-anticipated refresh in 2021. The brand-new Octonauts will be fully realized in an innovative new spin-off series Octonauts: Above and Beyond that combines the high-octane action and stunning creative that has come to define the brand. 156 x 11′ episodes are currently in production and set for delivery from 2021 through 2024.
  • Silvergate’s Made by Maddie (40 x 11′ and 4 x 22′ specials), previously working titled “Fashion Ally,” has been commissioned by Nickelodeon and will premiere in fall 2020. The fashion-first series, set in the heart of NYC, features the titular character as a breath-of-fresh air heroine who inspires imaginative thinking, resourcefulness and positivity.
  • SuperKitties (52 x 11′, Kids 3-6 ) follows the uplifting and exciting adventures of a totally pawsome crack team of fabulous felines trying to make the world a more purr-fect place. Brilliant individually, unbeatable as a team, the group of rescued kitties are at the ready when the Kitty Cat Call is sounded. That’s when they hightail it to their secret cavern, chow down on tuna and power up to become invincible guardians of good.
  • Super Duper Molly Cooper (40 x 11′, Kids 2-6) is currently in development. Set in the South Pacific, the series follows the amazing adventures of Molly Cooper as she discovers the legendary Wonder Island thanks to her homemade flying machine. Along with her little brother and robot friend Zap, it’s the beginning of a wondrous adventure building structures and engineering tools to provide shelter and safety for her new-found friends.
  • Innards is biology for preschoolers in a short-form series that teaches preschoolers all about the inner-workings of the human body through light-hearted and educational comedy. Three vital organs (Heart, Brain and Stomach) work together with a rotating cast of fellow organs to find biologically accurate solutions to the body’s internal conflicts. Real science plays out as goofy situational comedy: when mucus floods, chicken pox invade, or hiccups quake, kids will learn how their innards band together to keep them healthy.

Superights used the Cannes stage to announce Season 2 of hit animated series Pat the Dog. Produced by Superprod and Animoka, the addition of 63 x 7′ episodes, plus four 26 min. Specials (Christmas, Halloween, summer holidays, and Pat & Lola’s first meeting) and 10 x 1’30” Hoodie the cat shorts bring the series catalogue to more than 150 episodes. S2 has already sold to Warner Media Group (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia)l, Disney TV (Spain, France, Netherlands, Russia, Germany), France Televisions, RAI (Italy), Radio Canada, RTS (Switzerland), TV3 (Spain), VRT (Belgium), Discover Kids (LatAm) and Mango TV (China VOD). Pat the Dog S1 also sold to YLE (Finland), MTVA (Hungary), Disney Channel (U.S.) and TV Jamaica. The company also brought three new animated/hybrid gems to market this year:

  • ClayTime Season 2 (30 episodes + 30 tutorials) is produced by Reaz for France Télévisions and will be delivered in spring 2020. In this new season, young viewers will discover new characters such as Cesar the Crab, Gudule the Octopus, Gaston the Pig and many others. As in the first season, the series includes 30 episodes of 3’30” and 30 tutorials of 1’30”, teaching kids how to model the characters of the series in clay.
  • Koumi’s Animated Picture Book (52 x 5′) is produced by Le Regard Sonore and will be delivered late 2020. Koumi is a charming series which takes the audience to the discovery of wild animals and combines both animation and documentary. The young heroine, Koumi, will introduce children to 52 animals, from the always popular koala, kangaroo, etc., to more unusual and exotic ones such as the pangolin or Japanese macaque.
  • The hen, the cat and other bugs… (1 x 26′) is produced by Les Films du Nord. This entry nicely complements Superights’ rich catalogue specials. The story follows the crazy adventures of a hen and the many encounters she has along her way. Will she manage to escape her fate…? This non-dialogue program is already produced and available for broadcast.

Winsing, a leader in Chinese animation for over 15 years, debuted Gogo Bus & Team Steam at the MIP Junior Project Pitch — a dedicated platform for creators and producers seeking financing for projects in development. The 104 x 15′ concept introduces the daring rescues and exciting adventures of Team Steam. Living on an island filled with innovative new technologies, natural phenomena, and all manner of wildlife, our intrepid team is ready to respond to any emergency. How do they do it? By combining knowledge, ingenuity, teamwork – and a little help from their fabulous friend: GOGO BUS! The show is a spinoff of popular, educational kids’ property Gogo Bus, which will soon get third and fourth seasons on air in China.

Pat the Dog
Pat the Dog
Gogo Bus & Team Steam
Gogo Bus & Team Steam


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