News Bytes: BoxLunch ‘Fantasia’ Collection, Mike Diva Spawns ‘PreBirth’ for Adult Swim, ILM Launches TV Division & More

Gunpowder & Sky’s DUSTx Onboards New Executive Team as It Expands Distribution to Twitch
Joining the key team are general manager Eric Bromberg and head of operations Adam Jensen (both former execs at Pluto TV), and G&S employees Anna Levine and Kyle Brunwick have been named DUSTx digital channel manager and social manager, respectively. The sci-fi channel is moving beyond Roku to Twitch, NBCUniversal’s WatchBack, Sinclair’s STIRR, Vizio’s WatchFree and Samsung Plus.

How the Battle for ‘Lord of the Rings’ Nearly Broke a Director
Now 80 years old, cult animation icon Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic) reminisces on the bizarre twists and turns of his J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation — which could have been a very different picture indeed.

Norwegian Film Institute Supports 10 Computer Games
NFI has allocated €700,000 ($786k USD) to develop sixe new projects and four which have previously received state funding, including a 3D racing game based on classic animation property Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Ravn Studio), Fishing: North Atlantic (Misc Games), Draugen (Red Thread Games), Embracelet (Machineboy), Nenia (Henchman & Goon), Norse (Arctic Hazard Game Studio), Coding-game [WT] (Bitbyte), Animal Drivers Unleashed (Hello Bard), and Solar Explorer (Dwarf Cavern).

Industrial Light & Magic Launches ILM TV
Based out of a new 47k sq. ft. London studio (with support from San Francisco, Vancouver and Singapore facilities), the new episodic VFX & animation service studio will be lead by VFX supervisors Hayden Jones and Jonathan Privett, alongside exec producers Louise Hussey and Stefan Drury. The shop’s first projects will be live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian and Superman prequel Krypton.

BoxLunch Partners with Disney to Launch Exclusive ‘Fantasia’ Holiday Collection
Ahead of Mickey Mouse’s big 90th birthday, the charity-minded retailer is offering more than 50 pieces of merchandise inspired by the animated classic — including exclusive apparel, accessories, home goods and collectibles featuring Sorcerer Mickey. Key partner brands include Petunia Pickle Bottom (premium diaper bags), Funko (Pop! Movie Moments Sorcerer Mickey figure set), New Era (limited edition caps), Her Universe (graphic tees, men’s button-up), and Loungefly (accessories; bags, wallets and pins).

WATCH: Mike Diva’s “PreBirth” for Adult Swim’s ‘Off The Air’
The wild imaginings of Mike Diva add to OTA’s reputation for surreal audiovisual material in the latest episode, “Sound.” Produced by Lord Danger and shot in a stormy desert, the bizarre alien band experience is arranged around a single theme and blended into a continuous presentation. (Note, if you are uncomfortable with CG babies being swung about like floppy batons, this is not the video for you.)

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian
BoxLunch x Fantasia
BoxLunch x Fantasia


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