Foundry Powers Up Mari 4.2 with Mirror Projection

Leading creative software developer Foundry announced the launch of Mari 4.2, introducing the latest installment of the flagship 3D painting and texturing tool. The update introduces highly-requested mirror projection features that dramatically enhance artist efficiency, accuracy and creative control.

“We are constantly listening to our users and innovating rapidly to meet their needs. Mirrored projection is a feature that our users have been requesting for a long time,” said Rory Woodford, product manager at Foundry. “Delivering it within its own powerful workflow will give artists complete creative control and make the process far more efficient. The mirror projection in this update is live and simultaneous, and users will see what a dramatic impact this has in enabling them to deliver high-quality work at speed.”

Mirror projection brings simultaneous, symmetrical painting workflows to Mari, without the need for specialized UV layouts. Previously, painting the same designs on both sides of a symmetrically formed model required a considerable amount of asset preparation with a lot of repetitive actions. Now, artists can paint on one side of a mirror plane while Mari projects the same paint to the other side of the mirror plane, dramatically increasing efficiency.

The feature comes with mirror masking, which prevents secondary projected paint overlapping across the mirror plane, ensuring the paint meets at the mirror plane with a perfectly reflected edge. The masked side of the mirror plane can change automatically based on the artist’s view, or be locked to one side.

Additionally, the mirror plane can now be locked onto an object or locator, so that the reflected edge of the mirror projection can be manipulated to the best symmetrical position and orientation. This gives artists full freedom on where the symmetrical paint will fall, without any prep in other applications beforehand, increasing their efficiency and creative control.

This is the second major Mari update in 2018. The next feature release, which Foundry announced at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver, will feature the debut of the Mari Material System. The update, which will ensure Mari can utilize any texture-driven material data in a material painting workflow, will be rolled out in phases to ensure users have access to the latest components as soon as they are developed.

“Foundry definitely went all out on the new symmetry painting. Even the ability to freely place the symmetry plane is included, making this a really versatile feature.” — Jens Kafitz, creator of the Mari Extension Pack, Grid VFX.

“I used Mari on everything. It really is our main workhorse in the texturing department. It’s the only package that lets you paint on such enormous heaps of geometry without lag. If you’re in the Montreal Framestore texture team, 99% of the time you’re using Mari.” –Adam Goldstein, lead texture artist on Blade Runner 2049, Framestore.

Mari 4.2 goes live today is available for purchase – alongside full release details – on Foundry’s website and via accredited resellers. Watch a demo of Mari 4.2’s mirror projection feature here.

Mari 4.2
Mari 4.2



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