Artists Pitch at Spain’s 3D Wire

October 2nd saw the kickoff of 3D Wire in Segovia, Spain, planned to go until the 8th. The 9th annual edition of the 3D Wire Animation, Video Games and New Media fest-mart presents Spanish and Portuguese practitioners of several different mediums a chance to showcase and pitch projects to audiences and prospective buyers. This year sees a total of 121 pitches, ranging from films to television shows to games to VR and beyond.

Highlights in the feature film category include Sultana’s Game, Dragonkeeper, and Unicorn Wars. A hybrid of live-action and animation, Sultana’s Dream depicts a future city where women are the ruling class and men live in captivity. Directed by Isabel Herguera in her animation feature debut, its story comes from a feminist tale written by Bengali activist Begum Rokeya in 1905. It is produced by El Gato Verde, Abano, Uniko Portugal, U.K. Sparkle Animation, and Stemo Productions. Unicorn Wars is a feature film directed by Alberto Vázquez, who previously co-directed Birdboy: The Forgotten Children, which was picked up by GKIDS. It too is produced by Uniko and Abano. Dragon Keeper, based on a series of fantasy novels set in ancient China, is a CGI family film directed by Ignacio Ferreras (Wrinkles). Production companies include Dragoia Media, Movistar +, Atresmedia Cine, and China Film Animation.

In the field of television, two big contenders are The Infinite Hero and The Tribe. Directed by Christian Villacañas and Francesc Xavier Manuel, The Infinite Hero depicts souls that reincarnate into the bodies of fighters and is planned as a transmedia project with a videogame tie-in. Created by Nuno Beato and produced by Sardinha em lata and Zircozine, The Tribe is a satirical take on the clash of world civilizations.

In totality, 3D Wire will showcase 13 features, 16 animated shows, 48 video games, 9 apps, and 11 VR projects. A smattering will be shown to audiences, while the rest will be exclusive to buyers. There will also be screenings of the already completed films Deep by Julio Soto and Tadeo Jones 2: el Secret del Rey Midas (Tad, The Lost Explorer 2) by Enrique Gato and David Alonso.

Event director José Luís Farias remains dedicated to transmedia and as well as rising and evolving formats of media. He told Variety:

“We’re also keeping our eye on other windows and formats. This is a trend, and I am not talking about Netflix and other platforms.”

Executives slated to attend 3D Wire include: Miguel del Rosario, (Animation Council of the Philippines & Toon City Animation) Michelle Nardone, (The Animation Workshop) James Curran, (SlimJim Studios), Shamik Majumdar, (Disney Channel), and Michael Liebe (Booster Space).


Another Day of Life Raúl de la Fuente, Damian Nenow, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belgium

Awakening Beauty Manuel H. Martín, Spain

Buñuel in The Labyrinth of the Turtles Salvador Simó, Spain, Holland

Deep Julio Soto, Spain

Dom Fradique Zepe, Portugal

Dragonkeeper Ignacio Ferreras, Spain, China

Memoirs of a Man in Pajamas Carlos Fernández de Vigo, Spain

My Grandfather Used to Say He Saw Demons Nuno Beato, Portugal

Sultana’s Dream Isabel Herguera, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy

Tadeo Jones 2, and the Secret of King Midas Enrique Gato and David Alonso, Spain

The Impossible Journey Abraham López, Spain

The Steam Engines of Oz Sean P. O’Reilly, Spain, Canada

Unicorn Wars Alberto Vázquez, Spain, France


Alice’s Diary Diogo Viegas, Portugal

Bento SalBa Combé, Spain

Bradley & Bee Sarah Ball and Mercedes Marro,  Spain, Scotland

Clito Pol López, Spain

Dr. Bocanegra Manuel J. García, Spain

Emmy & Gooroo Leno Miao and Mercedes Marro, Spain, China

Metal Family Rodrigo Mesonero and Salva Rubio, Spain

Mr. Passenger Zepe, Portugal

Party Killer Edorta Corpas, Spain

Pigballoons Juan Luis Garrido, Spain

Sara Rocks! David Fernández-Marcote, Spain

The Colorics Alex Cervantes, Spain

The Infinite Hero Christian Villacañas and Francesc Xavier Manuel, Spain

The Inner Life Pablo Muñoz, Spain

The Tribe Nuno Beato, Spain, Portugal

The Turdinians Albert Rodríguez, Spain

Another Day of Life
Another Day of Life


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