D.W. Finally Turns 5 in New ‘Arthur’ Special

After more than 20 years on the air, the plucky middle sibling of the Read household is finally getting to celebrate a birthday in a special new episode of Arthur. Premiering on PBS KIDS’s channel and streaming platforms on May 29, “D.W. and the Beastly Birthday” will teach young viewers a valuable lesson about handling disappointment, and give a respectful nod to the work of Maurice Sendak.

In the episode, D.W.’s long-awaited fifth birthday celebrations don’t go as planned, causing the frustrated birthday girl to run away to a magical island called Ukubonga. Meanwhile, her big brother Arthur has skipped the party to go on a school trip to the planetarium — where he accidentally gets transported four years into the future!

“D.W. and the Beastly Birthday” will encore on June 2. The birthday bash will be followed by new Arthur episodes premiering throughout the week, which will arrive on streaming platforms in June.

May 30: “Lend Me Your Ear” – Arthur, Buster, and Brain are worried when Mr. Ratburn isn’t acting like himself. He’s always pleased to see them…so what has made him change his tune?

May 30: “The Butler Did It” – When Mr. Crosswire gets a robot butler for Father’s Day, Muffy fears Bailey may be replaced.

May 31: “Prunella’s Tent of Portent” – At the Elwood City Picnic, Prunella pretends she can see the future at her fortune telling booth. But her best friend, Marina, doubts her mystical powers.

May 31: “Mutiny on the Pitch” – The Lakewood Elementary soccer team has had enough of Francine’s bossy behavior. To show the team how much they need her, Francine gives up her post to the most unlikely teammate…Buster!

June 1: “The Hallway Minotaur” – Attention Lakewood Elementary! There’s a new sheriff—er, hallway monitor—in town, and his name is George Lundgren.

June 1: “Ladonna’s Like List” – Ladonna Compson is friendly, funny, and full of personality. Everyone likes her! At least, that’s what she thought…

Based on the children’s books by author-illustrator Marc Brown, Arthur is the longest running kids’ cartoon in the US. Aimed at preschoolers, the show centers on a young aardvark-boy and his family and friends as they learn to tackle everyday situations and embark on imaginative adventures. Arthur is produced by 9 Story in partnership with Marc Brown Studios, PBS, and CBC.




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