MIPCOM: Raft of Malaysia Deals; Imira Signs Mirsand’s ‘Alisa’

Malaysian animation studios have been busy of late, with the nation announcing five deals at MIPCOM, while Imira Entertainment secured rights to Russia-based Mirsand Ltd.’s Alisa Knows What to Do!

The deputy minister of communications and Multimedia Malaysia announced that nation’s deals at a Creative Malaysia networking reception.

The deals are:

  • Animasia Studio and France-based Zodiak Kids will co-produce the animated TV series Magiki.
  • Funcel and Turkey’s Semerkand Yapim will co-produce an untitled animated series and collaborate on distribution opportunities for original Malaysian and Turkish content.
  • Frogtale Studios and Karton Robot, also a Turkish company, will co-produce a new to-be-titled animated series.
  • Giggle Garage and South Korea’s Funny Flux will co-produce an animated series titled Katuri.
  • And Lil’ Critter Workshop is teaming with Grafizix in South Korea to co-produce the animated TV Series FrienZoo.

Also, Animasia Studio has signed a deal with NCircle Entertainment to enter the North American market, with NCircle distributing the animated series ABC Monsters on DVD and Hulu.

And lastly, Malaysia’s first creative industry digital app, dubbed Kr8tif Express, was announced as available in the Apple App Store, Android Google Play and online.

The Mirsand-Imira deal will the latter presenting the series to its clients in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Mirsand will still handle distribution in central and eastern Europe.

Alisa Knows What To Do! is based upon Kir Bulychov`s book series, which is very popular in Russia. About a girl from the future, the series has been airing since 2013 and is produced by Animation Studio Moskva and Bazelevs.

Alisa Knows What to Do!
Alisa Knows What to Do!


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