wondertouch Debuts Particle FX Tool for Mac

Particle effects software developer wondertouch has released particleIllusion 2.0 SE for Mac OS X. Available worldwide, the package is touted as an artist-friendly and affordable software solution for customizing and modifying quality, complex particle animations. Wondertouch already supports Mac OS 8/9. And, registered owners of particleIllusion 2.0 for Mac OS 8/9 can upgrade to particleIllusion 2.0 SE for OS X for free.

particleIllusion SE is a standalone, introductory version of the company’s award-winning, cornerstone visual effects creation application. The release allows more digital content creation professionals working in film, video, broadcast, gaming, Web and multimedia to use particleIllusion’s library of more than 750 preset effects, including smoke, fire, explosions, water, sparkles and more with speed and efficiency.

Used in hundreds of feature films, TV episodes and broadcast commercials worldwide, particleIllusion features OpenGL hardware acceleration to provide real-time (or near real-time) previews of most effects and fast rendering of final output. The most current version of the software, particleIllusion 3.0, is scheduled for release on Mac OS X this quarter.

particleIllusion 2.0 SE for Mac OS X is available in a download version only and is normally priced at $99, but is available until Jan. 31 for only $79. Registered owners of particleIllusion 2.0 for Mac OS 8/9 can upgrade for free. particleIllusion 2.0 SE can be purchased directly from the company at www.wondertouch.com.