Wacom Introduces Super New Pen Tablet

Animators, designers and engineers addicted to big screens can start their week on a happy note as Wacom Technology Corp. introduces its Intuos3 12×19 pen tablet today. This new design tool is designed specifically for professionals and hobbyists who are using multiple large monitors or large widescreen displays such as the 30′ Apple Cinema HD display.

The Intuos3 12×19 features an active area with an aspect ratio (height-to-width) that works well with the screen aspect ratio of either a widescreen display or standard displays used together. This results in optimal pen control and efficient use of the entire tablet.

The new 17′ x 24′ model has an active area of 228 square inches and goes for the suggested retail price of $779.95. Like the other Wacom tablets, the new product features a patented cordless, battery-free Grip Pen for comfort, 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for control, programmable ExpressKeys for easy modifier keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts, and finger-sensitive Touch Strips for scrolling, zooming, controlling brush size and more. The Intuos3 12×19 also includes a unique feature for extra-fast navigation called QuickPointTM.

‘Building on the popularity of the recently launched Intuos3 6×11, Wacom’s new Intuos3 12×19 provides a powerful option for our professional customers who are using large widescreen displays or multiple monitors,’ says Michael Marcum, Wacom’s director of product management.

Also being announced today is the Intuos3 12×12 ($579.95 SRP) to

meet a mix of specialized needs, such as computer-aided design (CAD). The Intuos3 12×12 will include all of the advanced features offered by the other Intuos3 models plus the fast navigation capabilities of the 12×19. All Intuos3 tablets now are built using enhanced electronics for twice the resolution (5,080 lpi) of previous Intuos models (Intuos and Intuos2). Also available is the 6D Art Pen ($69.95 SRP), a companion to the Intuos3 pen tablets which generates free-flowing brush strokes. Leading graphics applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, and Corel PainterTM IX include advanced capabilities that go hand-in-hand with a 6D Art Pen.

To find out more about these new products, visit www.wacom.com