Wacom Adds Multi-Touch to Bamboo Tablets

Technology company Wacom has added multi-touch input to its Bamboo family of computer tablets, allowing users to use their fingers as well as a pen to create content.

‘Multi-touch provides a very natural and intuitive way for users to navigate and interact with applications,’ said Dennis Hoff, senior consumer product manager for Wacom. ‘By combining multi-touch with our renowned pen technology, Bamboo provides users with a new computer input approach that is not only extremely flexible, but friendly, fresh and fun.’

The Bamboo family includes five types of input: touch only, pen only and three combinations of the pen and touch options.

The technology also allows users to control zoom, scroll, pan and rotate features with finger gestures.

The Bamboo tablets work with both Macintosh and Windows computers. Prices range from $69 to $199. More information on the tablets can be found at www.wacom.com.