Turbo Squid releases ACT 1.6 for 3ds max

Online digital marketplace Turbo Squid announced the certification and release of cgCharacter’s Absolute Character Tools (ACT) 1.6 Pro as a Discreet certified 3ds max plug-in. The production platform offers a wide range of exclusive character modeling and animation features.

Version 1.6 includes cgAdam and cgEve, two complete human skeletal, muscle and skin character sets that are rigged and ready to animate. For ACT users, cgHuman offers a realistic musculo-skeletal system designed to behave well for character animation and sub-skin deformation.

Priced at $495, ACT 1.6 Pro is available at www.turbosquid.com and all of Turbo Squid’s Resellers around the world. For a Reseller near you, contact [email protected]