Turbo Squid Opens Mobile Game Developers Forum

Turbo Squid, a leading provider of royalty-free 3D products for download, today launched a new discussion forum for mobile game developers. The Mobile Developer’s Forum, or MDF, was designed primarily for developers creating 3D content for Java M3G (JSR 184).

The MDF was created with support from graphics technology developer Hybrid Graphics, whose M3G implementation is used in Discreet’s 3ds max 7 software to aid in mobile content creation. The forum is intended to give mobile content developers a place to discuss and find solutions to technical issues. It also aims to help artists and other content creators distribute their work.

Several M3G experts from the industry, including engineers from Hybrid Graphics, have agreed to support the forums by answering technical questions and taking part in the discussion. The forum promises to become one of the major sources of information concerning mobile graphics content development for Java J2ME platforms. As it evolves, mobile-ready 3D content from Turbo Squid’s more than 7800 partner artists will be added.

The MDF is being moderated by professionals from Hybrid Graphics and other mobile content experts. It will serve as a distribution channel for products developed in conjunction with Turbo Squid partners Face2Face and Versaly, as well as the partner artists who currently sell their 3D products at Turbo Squid.

The Mobile Developer’s Forum can be accessed at www.turbosquid.com/mdf/. More information on Turbo Squid can be found at www.turbosquid.com, and more on Hybrid Graphics is available at www.hybrid.fi.