Toonz Developer Unveils New 2D Software At MIFA

2D animation software developer Digital Video will introduce its new paperless animation software, the TAB, at MIFA 2003. Tailored to create original animation content for the web, the product will be a companion to the company’s flagship software, Toonz, which was employed by Studio Ghibli in the making of Spirited Away.

The TAB is more oriented toward animation rather than graphic design. The company claims that the completely computer-based cartoon animation system radically streamlines the cartoon production process. Its designers are also confident that animators with a traditional animation background, accustomed to high-end animation programs, will find in the Tab a suitable alternative tool for drawing, painting and animating.

Digital Video will be offering try-out sessions at booth 5.104 at this year’s Intn’l Market for Animated Film (MIFA), held June 2-7 in Annecy, France. Version 4.6 of Toonz is available for Microsoft Windows NT/ Windows 2000, Windows XP, Irix and the Linux Operating Systems.