Toon Boom Upgrades Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Animation has announced Storyboard Pro 2, an upgrade to its popular program that delivers better drawing tools, camera motion capabilities and integration with Final Draft 8.

‘I’m so glad there’s a program that can understand the difference between scenes and panels, and automatically keep everything numbered and labeled correctly no matter how much I move panels around,’ says Sherm Cohen, storyboard artist and director at Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and owner of the web site

Cohen has helped develop a new set of online video tutorials for Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 2. Totaling more than three hours, these tutorials cover the following topics: Introduction, Getting Started, Discovering the Interface, Script and Panels, Drawing, Adding Colors, Layers, Library, Animatic, Storyboard Supervision and Export.

In addition, StudioArts out of Los Angeles has a Storyboard Pro One-week intensive class coming up from Aug. 23-27 titled ‘Optimizing your Workflow.’ The training cost is $1,500 and includes one 12-month Storyboard Pro license. The price comes down to $500 for those qualified and approved for the CSATTF grant. More information can be found at

Storyboard Pro 2 is available now at the special launch price of $799.99, valid until Aug. 18.

Toon Boom is also introducing a 12-month rental option at $299.99. Upgrades can be purchased at $449.99.

More information can be found at