Toon Boom Sharpens Pencil Check Pro

Toon Boom has launched a new flexible line-testing software called Toon Boom Pencil Check Pro. The new tool completes the animation pipeline by offering a wide array of capture options, an efficient line testing process and an advanced feature set.

Pencil Check Pro supports a full range of devices from scanners to DV

/HDV cameras, webcams and digital cameras. Pencil Check Pro performs all capture operations from a unique interface and has a real-time preview for devices equipped with live video stream. Users can sketch key poses directly in the software, playback instantly and use the audio track capabilities while filling the exposure sheet.

“Toon Boom has always been committed to animators, developing leading-edge technology to support their creative process,’ says Toon Boom president and CEO Joan Vogelsang. ‘As a testament to that, Pencil Check Pro offers an extensive feature set designed around a user friendly interface, and is fully compatible with Storyboard Pro, Digital Pro and Harmony.’

Pencil Check Pro is available online and retails at $399.99 US. Educational pricing is also offered: $299.99 US for a single license, and $2499.99 US for a 10-unit lab-pack. For more information, please visit