Toon Boom Plays Concerto into Retail

Toon Boom Animation, maker of Toon Boom Studio and USAnimation, has launched Concerto, a new animation solution for paperless, digital, re-use or cutout animation production. According to the company, Concerto offers studios increased productivity, raises animation quality and eliminates file management issues common to the normal Flash pipeline.

Concerto enables studios to work in one single, integrated pipeline and create fewer drawings due to a high level of re-use. Key features Concerto adds to the USAnimation OPUS feature set include advanced keyframing, sound scrubbing and the ability to draw directly in 3D sceneplanning.

Toon Boom is also launching a new web site ( featuring more detailed information about Concerto and how a beta version was used by Mercury Filmworks to create a series of 30-minute animations titled Mischief City.

Toon Boom has also released Toon Boom Studio Version 2.5 for Mac OS X. New features include sound scrubbing in the timeline, the ability to draw in sceneplanning and support for scanning. The upgrade can be purchased online or from a reseller at $199. All Mac customers eligible to receive a free electronic upgrade to V2.5 must download the upgrade by May 19. After that date, the upgrade can be purchased from the online store at