The Foundry Ships Furnace

Following a successful beta testing period, software developer The Foundry today announced the availability of Furnace, a suite of plug-ins for Apple’s Shake compositing and effects system.

Furnace has already been put to use in a number of shops, including Glassworks Post Production and Double Negative in the U.K. and ESC Ent. in the U.S, which have all purchased licenses based on the beta tests.

Furnace plug-ins include Wire Removal, Rig Removal, an in-between frame building retiming tool dubbed Kronos, Steadiness, Deflicker, Degrain, Regrain, Texture Replication and Tile.

Furnace is likely to be ported for use on other compositing platforms including Discreet in the near future. It lists for $5000 (’3000) per licence. Render licences have a list price of $1000 (’600).