Splutterfish Swims With BOXX

BOXX Technologies has entered into a strategic relationship with 3D rendering software solutions provider Splutterfish. BOXX is now offering the Brazil Rendering System with its XXtreme 3DBOXX workstations and RenderBOXX render nodes.

Designed for Microsoft Windows or Linux, 3DBOXX is available in single and dual AMD or Intel processor configurations. Enhanced with NVIDIA Quadro FX architecture, 3DBOXX workstations are optimized for modeling and rendering 3D content and animation with popular software such as 3ds max.

Brazil r/s is an advanced, fully-integrated rendering suite for Discreet’s 3ds max. It has been used to handle extensive visual effects rendering requirements on numerous film and broadcast projects, including The Core, Bulletproof Monk, X2: X-Men United and others.