Sony Imageworks Adds Isilon Scale-Out Storage

Sony Pictures Imageworks has added Isilon’s X-Series scale-out storage solution to its visual-effect production pipeline.

The move lets Imageworks, which has produced Oscar-winning visual effects for such films as Alice in Wonderland and the Spider-Man trilogy, consolidate into a single file system that simplifies data management and boosts productivity.

‘We’re all about creating visually stunning imagery,’ said Nicholas Bali, senior software engineer, Sony Pictures Imageworks. ‘To do so, we need every artist focused on the job at hand, not on storage management. With Isilon, we can do just that, because it’s simple to manage and easy to scale. Now we can generate more iterations in the same amount of time and turn out better imagery, which leads to a better product.’

Imageworks will use the Isilon 36000X to unify its content streaming, particle simulation and animation applications, as well as its NFS-based virtual servers, onto a single, shared pool of storage, which will reduce storage management and operating costs.

By combining Isilon’s SmartQuotas data management application with the 36000X, Imageworks can provision its Isilon scale-out storage across different user groups and applications, improving system use and application performance for both its VFX pipeline and virtual servers.

Imageworks also is planning to use Isilon’s SyncIQ software application to replicate data between its primary 36000X and multiple offsite 36000X clusters that serve as both disaster recovery targets, as well as general purpose storage for animation storyboards, layouts and other file-based data.