Shotgun, Tweak Integrate Tools

Shotgun Software and Tweak Software are integrating their animation and visual effects as part of a new strategic alliance between the two companies.

The integration of the two companies’ software packages ‘ the image and sequence viewer RV and the project management tool Shotgun ‘ will be demonstrated for the first time at SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans at a special event set for Aug. 4 at 1:30 p.m.

The integration provides one-click viewing of media in RV right out of Shotgun, and Shotgun-aware tools inside of the RV player.

Integration of Shotgun and RV will enable workflow efficiencies such as:

‘ Ability to launch Shotgun-aware playback from anywhere in the pipeline (from within Shotgun, via email links, web pages, etc.)

‘ Access to Shotgun data from inside RV (scheduling, task information, production notes, etc.)

‘ Reduction of errors and significant time-savings by making production data ubiquitous across the pipeline

‘ Easily navigate shots, assets, versions and playlists in Shotgun, instantly view related materials in RV

‘ Find and play the right version of a scene in a range of ways: in sequence, A/B compare, tiled, composited and more.

‘ Retrieve metadata about images being reviewed in RV such as task due dates and shot cut information.