Rhythm & Hues Declares Bankruptcy


We were sad to hear that legendary vfx and animation studio Rhythm & Hues has filed for bankruptcy after a deal for Indian-based Prime Focus to buy the Oscar-winning house fell through. The company is nominated for two Oscars for its effects work on Snow White & The Huntsman and Life of Pi and has already won an Annie, four VES Awards and special effects BAFTA for its work on Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. According to effects industry blog VFX Soldier, Rhythm & Hues has told employees that payroll is delayed.

Like Digital Domain and many other smaller vfx studios, R&H has had a hard time competing with competition from studios in other countries which offer sizeable government tax incentives and cheaper labor. Since its formation in 1987 by vfx visionary John Hughes, the studio has won numerous awards and accolades for its vfx work for features such as Babe, Cats & Dogs, The Golden Compass, Scooby-Doo and the Alvin and The Chipmunks movies as well as top-notch TV spots like the famous Coke Polar Bear ads.

Life of Pi

Life of Pi

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    Digital Domain: Tradition seemed understandable. But Rhythm & Hues? This hints that there is something wrong with the way the industry is set up in America. I think somebody should do some in depth research into this…