Previs Pros Found Society

Practitioners of the art of previs have come together to form a nonprofit, interdisciplinary organization called The Previsualization Society.

The new group was created to build a community and to maximize the capabilities and the contributions of previs to the motion picture form.

The group defines previx as ‘collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences, predominantly using 3D animation tools and a virtual environment.’

A relatively new tool for filmmakers, previs has become a common practice for working out complicate shots and the integration of visual effects on movies of all types.

“When I started my career in previs 15 years ago, I used to always have to explain why productions might need previs,” said Society president Colin Green. ‘The Previsualization Society will be a great way to bring expertise into a common forum for everyone to share.’

Membership is open to previs professionals (previs supervisors and practitioners), associates (directors, producers, storyboard artists, cinematographers, art directors, production designers, editors, studio executives and other industry personnel) and academics (students and educators). General interest memberships will also be offered.

The founding members are David Dozoretz, founder, director and VFX supervisor, Persistence of Vision (POV) Previs; Chris Edwards, CEO, The Third Floor; Ron Frankel, president and founder, Proof; Colin Green, president and founder, Pixel Liberation Front; Daniel Gregoire, owner, Halon Entertainment; and Brian Pohl, CEO, POV Previs.

Funding for the Previsualization Society is provided through membership and sponsorship. The charter sponsor is Autodesk.

Inquiries for membership may be made online at Applications submitted now will be considered for membership induction in January 2010.