Npower Software Introduces New Power RhinoToMax

3D model builders can now use nPower’s powerful Rhino capabilities and import them directly into 3ds max/Viz for high-quality renderings and animation projects. The San Diego-based nPower Software company’s new Power RhinoToMax package, which costs $295, provides translation of native Rhino models directly into 3ds max/Viz.

RhinoToMax introduces a new precise NURBS-based boundary representation object within max/Viz for the most precise modeling representation within max/Viz.  Instead of importing imprecise polygonal approximations, Power RhinoToMax uses its precise representation to generate smooth, crack-free renderings without polygonal artifacts. The software opens a streamlined portal to the advanced 3D modeling and rendering environment of 3ds max. 

Power RhinoToMax uses a state-of-the art precise CAD geometric modeling kernel that has been added to 3ds max. It performs dynamic tessellation at render time to generate a render mesh with the appropriate level of detail based on the size of the object in the view, eliminating the need for multiple levels of detail. Power RhinoToMax is powered by SMLib, IntegrityWare’s NURBS-based modeling kernel.

NPower Software is a company founded by IntergrityWare, Inc. employees to market the technology developed by IntegrityWare over the past seven years into the end-user graphics plug-in market.

To find out more about the software or to purchase the product, visit A free 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the nPower Software website at