New 3D Comedy Debuts Live at Machinima

If you happen to be in Queens, New York, this weekend, make sure you stop by the Museum of the Moving Image. That’s where you’ll be able to catch a new CG-animated talk show, created by Brooklyn-based ILL Clan animation studio.

Using Machinima (machine plus cinema) technology developed for computer games, ILL Clan combines original characters and programming with an existing 3D game engine. Their virtual TV studio and characters are controlled like puppets. Trash Talk with ILL Will‘ is a comedy show that pokes fun at the world of gaming and internet culture in general. The live performance will feature show host, ILL Will, as he interacts with audience and interview Burnie Burns, creator of Red vs. Blue, a popular Machinima series set in the computer game Halo. The show will then be posted on the internet for viewing at

“When we started doing Machinima in 1998, 3D computer games had a crude look to them,” says Matt Dominiani, voice of ILL Will and co-founder of the ILL Clan. “Now the technology has advanced to a point where we can create TV-quality graphics o the fly.” You can also catch ILL Clan’s most recent Machinima shorts on MTV2′s Video Mods show.