NAB NEWS: Midway Recruits Alienbrain for Next SpyHunter

Avid Technology Inc. announced at NAB that Midway Games Inc. will use Alienbrain Studio to create content for the next release in the top-selling SpyHunter franchise. Midway Games, which has sold more than 1.6 million copies of SpyHunter titles, purchased Avid’s Alienbrain asset management software primarily for external development houses Terminal Reality in Dallas, Texas, and Boogieman Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"SpyHunter is a major franchise for Midway. Since the distributed nature of this development adds a new level of management complexity to the game development project, it is critical that we manage our workflow as efficiently as possible," says Jeremy Airey, producer at Midway Games. "Alienbrain will increase the transparency of project assets among studios, giving all teams visibility and access to production data during the creation of SpyHunter 3. This will ensure that our distributed teams streamline production while working with higher levels of accuracy."

Terminal Reality, which has produced five AAA-rated titles in just over three years, will handle the majority of the development but will be supported by Boogieman’s team of artists. The introduction of Alienbrain Studio into the pipeline is intended to improve collaboration across studios.

Avid Technology Inc. acquired NXN Software AG and the Alienbrain asset management products in January 2004. For more information on Alienbrain Studio, visit