Mirage Studio Pro On Sale Today

Mirage Studio Pro, the latest addition to the Mirage 2D animation product line, is officially on the market as of tomorrow morning.

The new software integrates both the Bauhaus Animator’s Toolbar, and the recently released Board-O-Matic 2 into Studio Pro. The Toolbar automates many functions that are vital to the 2D production workflow. For its part, Board-O-Matic 2 is Bauhaus’ new fully digital storyboarding system. A complete digital animation environment, Mirage Studio Pro dramatically broadens the capabilities of traditional 2D animators, allowing users to create end-to-end classical or digital style 2D animation–from cel animation and anime, to rotoscoping, stop motion and more, all in a fully-digital pipeline.

Studio Pro puts the most complete set of digital animation tools on the market at the fingertips of every animator’, says Dan Kraus, CEO of Bauhaus. ‘(It) provides an award-winning solution that allows individual animators to easily produce studio-quality animation.’

Along with announcing the availability of Mirage Studio Pro, Bauhaus has significantly reduced the price on its standard Mirage Studio product. Also new in the Bauhaus product lineup is the availability of a dedicated support option. The Bauhaus Support Plus program guarantees response times for user issues, and provides a dedicated online support forum on the Bauhaus website. Basic support will remain free to all Mirage owners.

Mirage Studio Pro will ship on March 14th, 2006, and is available for a limited time at the introductory price of $549 ($649 MSRP) through the Bauhaus Software web store. The Mirage Studio MSRP is now $495, with introductory pricing at $395. Mirage Support Plus is $99 for six months, and $149 for a full year. Mirage Studio and Mirage Studio Pro are available through both the Bauhaus Software website, bauhaussoftware.com and authorized distributors worldwide. Mirage Support Plus is available directly from Bauhaus. Bauhaus Mirage Studio Pro and Mirage Studio are available for both Windows and OS X.