MARA3D Introduces First Mobile Art Reference App


Montreal-based MARA3D has put its first mobile application: MARA3D: David Giraud Male Anatomy on the Apple iTunes App Store this week. This mobile app introduces artists to a new way of referencing and interacting with 3D human anatomy models. By offering multiple poses, layers of detail and unlimited viewing angles, MARA3D makes finding an artistic perspective, angle, and shading reference faster and easier than ever before.

Support for other mobile OS platforms, including Android, is near completion, and expected for early 2012.  You can purchase MARA3D for Apple iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad on the Apple iTunes App Store for $3.99.

Key features include real-time dynamic lighting, multiple poses, grid overlay, saved views, full 3D gesture-based interaction, and the ability to view and study subjects from any angle in skin, grey-scale musculature-view, color musculature-view, and silhouette modes. All models featured are the original artwork and artist representation of the male human anatomy by David Giraud. A complimentary female hybrid model is included as a free preview for a forthcoming Female Anatomy MARA3D app by David Giraud.

MARA3D: David Giraud Male Anatomy app

MARA3D: David Giraud Male Anatomy app

Here is the demo:

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