Mainframe Upgrades Mo-Cap-abilities

Canadian CG house Mainframe Ent. has upgraded its motion capture animation system to a 16-camera Vicon MX 40. The new system replaces technology that was acquired by the company in 2000 and will aid the studio in producing computer animation for television, games, feature films, direct-to-video releases and commercials.

According to Mainframe, the advanced resolution of the new MX40 cameras will allow production teams to accurately capture the most subtle nuances of actors’ performances. Furthermore, Vicon’s IQ solving software is designed to streamline the post-shoot pipeline, allowing a faster delivery of data to the rest of the production process.

Mo-cap is heavily used by the studio in the production of Mattel’s hit Barbie animated home video features, including the latest installment, Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper. In addition, the company’s mo-cap production credits include Electronic Arts video games such as The Hulk, Enter the Matrix and NHL Hitz Pro, and animated series such as MTV’s Spider-Man.