Lucasfilm Settles Justice Suit Over Hiring Practices


Lucasfilm has settled a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice over the company’s hiring practices, reports Variety.

The suit sought to end the visual effects and animation company’s practice of entering into “anticompetitive” agreements with Pixar in which each company agreed not to cold-call each other’s employees, to notify each other when offering a job to an employee and to not make counteroffers to the other company’s hires. The Justice Department filed the suit claiming such practices hurt digital animators.

The settlement has Lucasfilm agreeing to alter its hiring practices; Pixar had previously agreed to similar terms.

The complaint was part of a larger investigation into the employment practices of tech companies.

  • PeoriaRick

    I’ll tell you what will help animators too…stop outsourcing the work to other countries. Quit stealing our dreams of working in animation by sending the jobs to other countries!!!!!