Kaydara Releases MOTIONBUILDER 5.5 Professional

Kaydara Inc. today announced the release of MOTIONBUILDER 5.5 Professional, the latest version of the company’s popular real-time 3D character animation software. With added support for Python scripting and CgFX shaders, MOTIONBUILDER 5.5 Professional is designed to allow 3D animators to create complex character set-ups and animation sequences in minutes rather than days and weeks.

“MOTIONBUILDER is indispensable for motion editing and blending, and game cinematics,” says Emmanuel Valdez, VP and creative director of Sammy Studios Inc. “Adding support for live scripting and CgFX shaders will save us a tremendous amount of time and technical headaches when we are working on our animation sequences."

New in MOTIONBUILDER 5.5 Professional is support for Python Scripting, an interactive, object-oriented programming language. According to Kaydara, the addition enables better integration with game studios’ production pipelines and provides fast and intuitive commands for running live scripts without leaving the MOTIONBUILDER environment.

MOTIONBUILDER 5.5 Professional is priced at $4,195 and includes 12 months of support. MOTIONBUILDER 5.5 Standard lists for $995 and is available as a free version update for existing MOTIONBUILDER 5.0 Professional and Standard customers (not applicable to Personal Edition) on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Mac OS X 10.2 and higher. For more information on MOTIONBUILDER 5.5, visit Kaydara’s Web site at www.kaydara.com.