Kaydara Offers Free MOTIONBUILDER Video Training

Kaydara Inc. has made the first MOTIONBUILDER Video Training Magazine (VTM), Introduction to MOTIONBUILDER, available for free online. Created by Jason Busby of 3D Buzz, this introductory VTM is the first in a series of complimentary monthly MOTIONBUILDER VTMs, which will cover everything from a basic introduction and the user interface to advanced character animation techniques using the professional 3D character animation solution.

Each MOTIONBUILDER VTM will include a minimum of two hours of training covering an array of topics and will introduce users to MOTIONBUILDER’s key features such as its drag-and-drop contextual interface, automatic character rigging, lip sync and facial animation tools and real-time display.

The first MOTIONBUILDER Training Video covers the following topics: Introduction to MOTIONBUILDER, Overview of the UI, The Viewer Window, Working with Objects, Basic Animation, Exporting from Maya, Characterizing, Character Controls, Animating a Character and Importing into Maya. It is now available for free through the Kaydara (www.kaydara.com) and 3D Buzz (www.3DBuzz.com) web sites.